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  1. Where's the shop at. I'd b happy to drop by one day
  2. Cool. Well ill try and make it to the march one too
  3. I didn't mean to come off like that tho. No disrespect.
  4. I ment from the trucks that were at btn at the booth
  5. Really. Who's gonna b there.
  6. Should have introduced yourself, i was talking to one guy who was talking about you. Would love to see those in action. Come on out to the next event at my shop. i didnt see anyone at the booth. but i def. would like to meet u. i will be there this saturday. look forward to meeting and showin the 8's.
  7. i saw u guys out there. i wanted to bring my ranger with my 8 8" sundown sa 8's in. but roll in was over. ill be comin out to the next event. i wanna show off my 8's. they slam. i was glad to see sum sick demo trucks out there
  8. gettin ready for bring the noize. feb. 13th

  9. i was lookin into sundown, rockford, kicker. the subs are gonna be dual 2 ohm and will be pushing 400 rms each and 1600 rms for all 4.
  10. I just finished my box for 4 8" sundowns. Its a big center console box for my single cab ranger. Its 2.4 cu. ft (after displacement) and is ported @ 34hz. I'll post pics up soon. BUt im gonna order the subs this week and am im looking for an amp to push them. What should i get as far as a amp/s?
  11. lilwhteranger

    The Batmobile 4th order! 2 18's!

    thats crazy. lol. this seems like its gonna be an awsome build.
  12. lilwhteranger

    ford ranger audio

    random pics
  13. well the show wasn't bad ,not the biggest turn out but it was fun. mark did u go? i didn't see ur sante fe in the show?
  14. I agree. The guy with the lifted Hummer was probally the loudest thing there. Single cabfan you gonna show anything or just spectating?