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  1. bigger_george

    IC150.4 bass knob/control

    I'm using it to bi-amp my tweeters (Ch 1/2) and mids (Ch 3/4) so I'm guessing it won't screw anything up if it's maxed out. Seems to work on boosting the lower midbass for the mids. Just making sure it won't screw with my EQ setting on the HU. Thanks!
  2. Is this like a Bass eq or a gain knob? It has a clipping indicator which I've never seen on a Bass EQ knob. Oh and my install is nearly finished. I ran short on power wire (6" short uggh!) so I ordered some more. I would pick it up locally but it's hard to do with 'rona around
  3. bigger_george

    Sub Comparison pics

    Not a sub comparison but I have a few 6.5 mids to compare. That's an old school RE XXX mid (initial pre-order from around 10 years ago), a SSA Evil, and Stereo Integrity TM65 Mk3
  4. bigger_george

    Evil1 Tweeter Pods

    Doesn't PVC flex with temperature? Not sure if that's ideal.
  5. bigger_george

    Evil1 Tweeter Pods

    Do you still build/stock these? I've been debating on whether I want to do a A-pillar fiberglass install(would be my first time) or be lazy and find the easiest option such as something like those pods. I was considering installing them on the plastic mirror cover panels but they are tiny and not sure if they'd fit properly or support the tweeters well.
  6. bigger_george

    How does this look/sound?

    I'm actually not afraid to underpower the mids. I'm actually more worried about overpowering the sub. I could test both setups though and watch the gains when I test the sub on the bridged kronos.
  7. bigger_george

    How does this look/sound?

    The Kronos does 1000 watts RMS bridged at 4 ohms. I think that may be a bit much on the single BM Mk V (500 watts rated and Dual 2 ohm). The IC150.4 does 550 watts bridged at 4 ohm which seems like a better match. Also, the Evil 6.5s are 8 ohm(at least the only ones you have in stock on the spring deal are). The Kronos is rated at 250 watts x 2 at 4 ohm, so theoretically it should do 125 watts RMS at 8 ohm, with less distortion (which probably doesn't matter since it's most likely inaudible). Only issue would be matching gains since the power and amps are slightly different from each other. Does that make sense or am I overthinking this?
  8. bigger_george

    How does this look/sound?

    Ok. I'm starting back into audio but thought I'd start off with a decent boom/bang. Looking mostly for SQ with a little SPL. I already own a "brand spanking new" Zed Audio Kronos, pre-ordered a Stereo Integrity BM Mk V (I'm kind of limited in space). I was thinking of adding a SSA IC 150.4 and a set of 6.5 Evil Mids(I guess 8 ohm versions) and Evil 1 Tweeters. I am looking to do the following setup (all in a 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe): IC150.4 - Ch1 and 2 to Evil 1 Tweeters (maybe mounted to A-pillars or factory door location) IC150.4 - Ch3 and 4 bridged to BM Mk V (debating on how I want to set this up; either wheel well or leaned against the front of trunk) Kronos - Ch 1 and 2 to Evil 6.5s (Factory Door location) What do y'all think? Now I will probably have to run this active off of the amps; any challenges I may have to deal with? Is this a decent setup for my taste? Be gentle with me. It's been years since I've been in car audio and I'm pretty out of it. I will get someone to build my sub enclosure and probably work on everything else myself to get re-acclimated with Car audio.
  9. Hi all, It's been over a decade since I've been into car audio. Thinking about restarting in stealth mode with a shallow mount sub. No longer a basshead and been out so long. Can't believe the Brahma is back. I "donated" a Mk I when I moved a few years back.
  10. bigger_george

    What's Up From LA

    Welcome aboard! I've done some work in the courthouse over there and from BR
  11. bigger_george

    New guy from N.O.

    I'm around midcity, near BRCC.
  12. bigger_george

    New guy from N.O.

    Nice ride! Like the setup. I'm also from BTR but no setup currently; going to start up again as a few pieces of equipment I have been waiting for come out.
  13. bigger_george

    Noob with a modified Genesis Coupe

    Nice to see another Gen Coupe owner here; very hot and the ride's nice too Mine is the opposite of yours right now; all stock. Hopefully will do some stuff with it in a while
  14. bigger_george

    MEGALITH finally?

    The new PG SD line is tiny. Looks good. I'm curious about the price. I think I'm going to shoot for that, alpine, or arc audio.
  15. bigger_george

    MEGALITH finally?

    Looks like the smallest amp isn't as small as i thought it would be. Looks like i will have to go with another brand :-(