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  1. Hi all, It's been over a decade since I've been into car audio. Thinking about restarting in stealth mode with a shallow mount sub. No longer a basshead and been out so long. Can't believe the Brahma is back. I "donated" a Mk I when I moved a few years back.
  2. bigger_george

    What's Up From LA

    Welcome aboard! I've done some work in the courthouse over there and from BR
  3. bigger_george

    New guy from N.O.

    I'm around midcity, near BRCC.
  4. bigger_george

    New guy from N.O.

    Nice ride! Like the setup. I'm also from BTR but no setup currently; going to start up again as a few pieces of equipment I have been waiting for come out.
  5. bigger_george

    Noob with a modified Genesis Coupe

    Nice to see another Gen Coupe owner here; very hot and the ride's nice too Mine is the opposite of yours right now; all stock. Hopefully will do some stuff with it in a while
  6. bigger_george

    MEGALITH finally?

    The new PG SD line is tiny. Looks good. I'm curious about the price. I think I'm going to shoot for that, alpine, or arc audio.
  7. bigger_george

    MEGALITH finally?

    Looks like the smallest amp isn't as small as i thought it would be. Looks like i will have to go with another brand :-(
  8. bigger_george

    Happy b-day bigger_george

    Hey thanks for the b-day wish! Things have been going a bit rough so been out of audio for a while. Hopefully, I can get started back up again with a new job and all. Should be on a bit more often.
  9. bigger_george

    MEGALITH finally?

    *crosses fingers* Hopefully the 4 channel is the super compact one mentioned earlier
  10. bigger_george

    Bravox Audio Group Buy

    I would have jumped in but no job = no buy
  11. bigger_george

    Will not be doing any new builds for the next 2 or 3 months

    Very interesting indeed. Any idea(or possibly goals) as to whether these are going to need lots of enclosure airspace? I will be looking in to small enclosure, possibly, shallow(low mounting depth) subs soon.
  12. bigger_george

    The Toyota "Sticking Gas Pedal Syndrome"

    You'd be surprised what drivers don't know. I was at autozone the other day and overheard the manager talking to a customer. He asked if the customer's car was an automatic or manual transmission. The customer didn't know and had to ask what the difference was
  13. bigger_george

    Newbie from Houston..

    Welcome aboard. I will actually be over in houston this weekend. Hopefully i can still check out the saints game while i am there.
  14. bigger_george

    Baton Rouge checking in...

    Baton Rouge is french for "red stick".
  15. bigger_george

    Baton Rouge checking in...

    Welcome aboard. I'm also another red stick member.