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  1. rodneydude23

    nice sounding car system

    Personally I like NY Strip
  2. rodneydude23

    Two 15" setup

    Um, not sure why you wanna start this build with no prior knowledge in CA. I'd suggest before making any purchases to do a ton of research on what kind of electrical you'll need for that setup. But remember, you dont need thousands of watts of power to get your subs movin'! I'd go with a BL, just because i like to get loud, but thats not everyone's preference.
  3. rodneydude23

    Hyundai elantra HB

    Tuned in, progress looks sick. Keep up the clean work!
  4. Yeah all that. I'm thinking internal short. The car reeks.
  5. So I plug in the ground and it fine. Then I plug in the power and it starts to fry. The same thing happens in vise versa. What could becausing this? He has a 99 camry, his amp is a Hifonics Titan 750.2.
  6. rodneydude23

    '07 Silverado - Murder Murder Murder

    Just looked through the build it looks bad ass man! Had a friend with the same truck, same rims, truck was red and the rims were chrome. Looked soooo dope but i think his were 24" rims. Cant wait to see how this one turns out!
  7. rodneydude23

    Umm.. what is dubstep???

    Couldnt have said it better myself.
  8. rodneydude23

    What's wrong with this website???

    yeahh thats happened to me too, its a yellow box with yelp ads in it, its pretty annoying because you have to exit the site and come back in order to get back to the forums. its a small bug with the ads i think.
  9. rodneydude23


    When i bought my ap1800 off caraudiodeals.com i didnt have any problems and the CS was good.
  10. rodneydude23

    1 SSA ICON in a 03 Xterra

    Fixed I don't wanna go deaf by age 30 Duran xD
  11. rodneydude23

    1 SSA ICON in a 03 Xterra

    Box is tuned to 32hz, the icon is probably the best sounding sub I've ever heard, ever. Lol I'm not sure if I want to add to it, what I really want to do is save my money for a couple of DC XL's and a bass clef 3500.1.... But I might just change my mind and get some Xcons! SSA FTW!
  12. rodneydude23

    1 SSA ICON in a 03 Xterra

    Your wish is my command sefugi! Video is up will try to get more up later! Car doesnt flex much, but thats a good thing right? Cause i know that shit is loud!
  13. rodneydude23

    1 SSA ICON in a 03 Xterra

    So ive been out of the loop latley since i sold my old car. I had bought all this equipment about six months ago thinking i was going to put it in a HOE but things didnt quite go as planned... My dad ended up getting me a 03 Xterra for my graduation and within a week everything has been installed This is just a simple set up until i can save up enogh for something a little bigger! Equipment consists of: - 1 15" Ssa Icon - 1 Audiopipe ap1800.1 (not a bad amp) - 4 awg wire - Pioneer 6300UB - and a custom built box by me, first one
  14. rodneydude23

    4 SA-15/SAZ3500d Walled GMC Sierra

    Subtle mods are all a car needs looking forward to this build.
  15. rodneydude23

    infinity 1230w ported box

    1. Whats are your goals? 2. What's subs are you using? 3. What are you max demensions available in your car?