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  1. It sounds really good. I had 2 real options with subs and the box I have. The IDQ was one of the few 10" subs that had a shallow mounting depth and worked well in a small enclosure while still being able to take a fair amount of power. I could fit a shallow mount 12" but the only one that looked really interesting was the Stereo Integrity but they were out of them for good until the new design comes out. I also have no experience with the shallow mount subs, so I dont know if I would be loosing anything with it.
  2. Yeah lots of red! Sounds great actually, the Zed pushes the RE's really well and I'm surprised at how good they actually sound. Bass is adequate, it wont push you out of the truck but it works for what I have to work with.
  3. Thanks! I finally got around to getting some holes drilled and cleared up the wiring a little bit. I have one problem that I need to look at, ever since installing everything the FM Radio on my HU is horrible, I get tons of static on my local stations that used to be crystal clear. I need to check and see if I have an interference problem with the RCA's or maybe I need a better grounding off the HU.
  4. First and foremost thanks a million to Nem who set me up with an awesome Zed Lev and answered all of my questions I had. I finally got a finished build that I'm pretty happy with. Maybe a few more things to do down the road but that's to be seen. Sorry for the large pictures. My work is pretty shoddy, especially with that ensolite foam but it works well.Everything sounds great, this is my first build that I dont have a massive amount of space to work with. All of this tucks away nicely behind the rear seat. Build Consisted of Alpine CDE-W265BT Zed Leviathan RE Audio XXX 6.5 Comps ID 10" IDQ v.4 woofer Knuconceptz wiring Stinger RCA's Raamat inside Front doors on all 3 areas of metal and Ensolite Foam over the Deadener
  5. Thanks for the help Nem, looking forward to the amp!
  6. Found a good number and spoke with Steven at Zed, the man is brilliant. Had a great conversation and its insane to see how efficent amps currently are.
  7. You did know ssa is a zed vendor right? Your questions could be answered right here. Just an FYI Yeah I saw the amp in the store here which is what led me to them. The Zed forum hasn't had a post since October, I'll reach out and see what I can find on them. I just had general questions about the amp that I wanted to talk with them about as well.
  8. So after doing some poking around I find I really like the looks of the versatility of the Zed Lev and the Arc Audio 1200.6. I went to call Zed today and found out the number on their website isn't in service any more, so that didn't give me the warm and fuzzies. So I'm probably going to take a hard look at the Arc amp but I know nothing about Arc, do they have a good rep overall? I think the amp will fit the bill perfectly since I decided to go with RE XXX 6.5 Comps which seem power hungry and I'm undecided on the sub right now. I would have loved to got my hands on a SI BM MK, but I was about a month to late starting this project.
  9. Looking to get a new 5 Channel Amp, right now I'm Looking at the Alpine V9, JL 900/5 and the Arc Audio XDi850.5. Is there anything else on the market I should be looking at? I'd like to stay with in the 700 - 900 watt range.
  10. Do you happen to know what can be stuffed under the seat reasonably easy? I have no objections with doing that, especially if I can get a bigger sub. Using the space behind the back seats really limits the mounting depth, thus making me have to look at subs I wouldn't normally look at.
  11. Like 10 years awhile, it's good to be back here and poking around at everything thats going down. Putting a new system together in my truck and have a couple questions. I have the option to use 6x9 components in my front doors, are they worth it these days or should I just stick with 6.5's? Looks like RE Audio and Kicker make a few different 6x9 components, I would most likely go with the RE's if I went that route. The IA componets look enticing for the price as well. Does anyone have much experience with Double Cab Tacoma's and what can be stuffed behind the seat? I'd loved to be able to fit a Single ported 12" with space for the Amp / Crossovers. Thanks a head of time!
  12. Hey mike is it possible for you to recone an original 15" RE HC with RL-p soft parts? I'd much prefer to give you the money than RE. Please let me know. To all the guys hello Its been awhile since ive been around
  13. Hey dudes, its been awhile. Not that anyone cares
  14. HBD man!!!!
  15. Just as said on ca.com, you will love this woofer. It does everything the right way and nothing the wrong way. My RL-p Thats my 15, 2.5 sealed, ~450 watts.