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  1. wtf Reputation: -2 lol thats no good

  2. Megavanman

    is 148.2 outlaw good

    thanks man n thanks to everyone who has gave me advice on this site,
  3. Megavanman

    is 148.2 outlaw good

    well that was with only one amp, i didnt hook the second one up for that show, and yes the box is in the back
  4. Megavanman

    is 148.2 outlaw good

    i have always done legal spl with everything sealed up, i have just recently started doing usaci i drive a ford econoline not walled, i just hit 148.2 in the 0-600 is that good or should i not be impressed
  5. its fine if you have enough of a electrical system i run 2 of them a .5 im gettin about 1500 watts out of each, it will b safe just make sure u have a good electrical system i have 2 batteries big 3 and high output alt n mines fine
  6. so does the size or gauge mean anything with remote wire or is the standard size fine llike, does increasing te auge a lil help at all
  7. sale pending! to the best of my knowledge this baby has a new home so who's buying it
  8. dude the shit was awesome lol we will record it at the next show and post it on the site and stuff it was so cool
  9. yeah the gasket was nuts lol but yeah join the page there is a register link on the front page thanks bill
  10. hey bill check out the link in my signature its the club website sign up for it and spread the word
  11. k thanks steve, and bill didnt get a chance to say it at chicopee was to busy running around thanks for al your help this season allong with dave l and all of the competitors,this was my very first year doing it but im addicted now and will always be lol, i think the whole club is, but once again thank you to everyone, and see you guys at epping
  12. k so the classes your talking about getting rid of it stock 4 and super stock 3