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Found 2 results

  1. Ok, so I've never put a build log on here so please bear with me if I mess this up. This started as me wanting to get louder and ended up like nothing I could have imagined. Its a 2006 Chevy Silverado EXT cab 71 pickup with the 5.3L. Equipment installed is: 2 Singer 350A Alternators (stock running as master) MLA Module American Bass 1100.1 5 C&D Batts 1 XS Power up front 2 sets Boston Pro 60SE Components (Running as coaxial) Boston 2 channel 6 SSA Zcon 15s (4th order enclosure) Some tire/suspension mods to hide the almost 2000lbs of equipment. First the walkaround now into the build pics: (I didnt take very many) ^^^^Crossovers in place of factory bose amp ^^^^Light Test of Million color LEDs ^^^More Color Test ^^Starting to work on the back ^^^Ready for fuses ^^Underhood complete ^^^ Port into cab done.. It needs tuned yet but it hit 154.2 sealed on the TL at 46hz (too high for my blood, gonna put in a loading wall and drop it down. Shooting for 35-40hz peak) More to come!!
  2. goldeneye4564

    2000 Hyundai Accent Bass Sleeper

    Hi fellas, just checkin in. Here's what I got.