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    Buy a Mazda CX-9 and spend the rest of the money on a Pantera.
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    It rings true for me no matter what version, especially since they are still using many of the same parts.
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    I know a couple people with CTSs. Two with sedans, and one has a coupe. IMO, they don't age well. The leather is cheap and cracks quickly and easily. I honestly don't even think it's leather. All have stupid issues, like door latch and striker issues. Every single one of them. The guy with the Coupe replaces tires every 1.5 years. He's had it aligned 3 times in 5 years and it still just chews the outside fronts to bits. Every single one of them has had the CUE screen replaced. Even the cheapest shocks on these things are $300 per shock. Just stating what I've experienced. This is the reason I'm not driving an ATS coupe. I absolutely LOVE those cars, but I work on cars and I'd never buy one. Stating that, everything I buy is based on my work with cars. I love Audis, but they are a pain in the ass to work on, so I'll never buy one. I'm super familiar with Ford, so that is the bulk of what I buy. If I had to pick out of any of them, It would be the Lexus, especially since it being "too slow," will only be noticed on the track, I know it's lacking in torque, but it's so negligible on the street, and IMO, it's just such a different car to the Germans there's really no point in even comparing them.
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    It's a Cadillac. Done.
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    4 gauge wire coming from front stage amplifier is now connected to fuse block instead of positive battery terminal. 1/0 wire for sub amp has been removed since it was too long, adequate size wire was purchased and will be here Thursday. Wiring management is getting better and it's starting to look much cleaner.
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    I managed to pick up a BNIB 10" Hellion yesterday too. Thanks Sean!
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    Yes, because crypto is new, and there are all these fucking goobers thinking they are going to become overnight millionaires by yolo'ing their money on a shit coin. Its really dumb as they have no idea what they are doing, its pulling money away from coins / projects that actually has a use case. All the money that is in something like SHIB, should be in ADA or XLM for example. DOGE is interesting as it has gained enough hype and traction that it could become a stable currency.
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    Slowly still working on wiring the trunk up while I have room. 3 Positive runs from fuse block to battery positive are done and ziptied together.
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    For some added mpg's and that Hellcat whine haha.
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    Battery box install is complete; I knew these self tapping bolts would come in handy one day.
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    Slowly getting things permanently mounted to the vehicle; after tightening up horns under the dash the battery box in the trunk was next. Brackets were installed on the box; I have some heavy duty self tapping screws to mount the brackets to the trunk floor.
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    Back doors received the same treatment as the front doors.
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    Sundown subs and box are gone and trunk is empty again. Fi sub is being made now and so is my new enclosure. I finally got around to using my SoundSkins Rings V3 on my front door speakers; they are way better than the Stinger fast rings and helped with the sound.
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    Honestly that's a dope idea man..I may try that with my next box..
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    Enclosure is finished and loaded up with subs. I will pick it up by this weekend hopefully.
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    Bought some better mounting hardware than the screws I used which scratched my hands up when installing since the ends were exposed. I was rushing the install and wanted to use what I had on hand; haha you live and you learn. I will be purchasing a Dremel soon to clean up the area of the horn bodies that I had to cut.
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    Two Crescendo mids for the rear doors showed up today; I need to make some rings for the rear doors before they get installed.
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    Adding rear speakers to factory locations in my rear doors so I ran some Knuconcept's 16 gauge wire I had laying around. Ziptied to factory wiring runs for a cleaner look.
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    Slowly working on this rear battery wiring, it's still not complete but it's more eye appealing than before.
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    Cleaning up the wire a little bit and finally using my heavy duty Jims Machine Worx 4 In and Out 1/0 fuse block.
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    More pictures of the enclosure being made by my box guy; same who built my enclosure for my SSA Icon 15" about 5 year ago. Same box from my avatar picture of my profile; setup was in my last car the 1997 Acura RL.
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    I'm going going, back back to two 12"s. Today was a sad day
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    Sneak Peak of new enclosure
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    New Mids Alert! Crescendo UN6.5 I also treated my door panels with the leftover second skin mat. Passenger door was done here. I will finish the Driver door and install Crescendo mids in the am.