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    They boys have an ATV too. I picked up a pair of chinese Polaris knockoffs with 100cc 2 strokes for $200. One has 50psi compression the other I got running. The low compression one I will fix here soon. They love that shit. My little mechanic fixing the steering bushing And then getting it muddy
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    I got a $600 tip today too!
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    Surprise visit from Jared ftw!
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    I was too busy catching that day to take pictures. Was insane. Put more than 100 bass in the boat in less than 2 hours.
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    Yeah, as soon as the news girl saw it, it was on. I asked her if she had a tree she needed saved, and she told me, "a forest full." It was awesome and scary at the same time.
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    Trunk is done, rear deck and doors next.
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    Got a little chilly last night so I let the sheets sit in the sun this morning.
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    Looks like Ill be busy this weekend
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    I've had these speakers sitting around for *literally* a decade, finally decided to actually build them into something MTM using Exodus Anarchy and Seas 27TDFC. Enclosure is 2cuft tune to 35hz. They should dig down to 30hz with ease, so we'll see if I add a sub or not. The baffle will be removable so that I can easily access the crossover, reuse the enclosure with different speakers or reuse these speakers in a new enclosure. I had debated on active vs passive but I'd done active in a car for years. I've never designed passives from scratch since I didnt play too much in HA/HT, so it's an experience I'd like to try. I'm intrigued by the combination of art and science that goes into the design of a passive network. My audio skillz are a bit rusty, so the task is a bit daunting. But I'm relearning pretty quickly...I think? Every DIY project needs a name, right? Decided to call these 7empest. Why? Well, primarily because TOOL is the most badass fucking band ever. If you don't understand the reference GTFO my thread (no, seriously....go). It works because the Anarchys are 7" drivers, and what does a tempest cause? Anarchy. See. It works. My woodworking skills leave a lot to be desired. Right now as long as these are simply functional I'll be happy. Baffles turned out nice though About the only thing that's gone right so far. This is where we're currently at.
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    And, it's alive! I literally spent HOURS figuring out why I had no tweeter on the right channel. Finally came to discover that one of my jumper wires were bad It was incredibly frustrating trying to track down the issue, and I dont handle frustration well. Curse words were said (and muttered, yelled and spewed)
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    Thank you again for the hospitality and good time guys! Much love.
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    Last week-end I installed the Focal ES 100 K comp set, and 2 8" Focal subs/midbass under the seats. I absolutely need to install the amplifier : an Audison AP 8.9 with buil-in DSP, and all OEM interconnections and wires. I know it may not be the best, but it will do it for me. I put some Damplifier pro on the doors, but I had LLP for my old car and I din't use it. I hope I will be able to use it in the trunk. That was not cheap, I must use it somewhere !
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    Northstar 31s are sold out earlier so I just got the equivalence at the same cost, so win win. Even though I have OCD it wont bother me that bad.
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    Bought some female RCA dust covers for the the jacks that aren't used.
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    You can see some of the stuff I build here: http://www.hotandmightydirect.com
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    Gavin informed me he's ready to move to Hawaii!
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    Just finished the rear deck, ill do the doors in the future. Still have 3 sheets left out of 20 sheets (I got the 40sq. feet pack).
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    Trunk spare tire well is complete.
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    I could add the bakery serves coffee. Coffee and microbrews are definitely bike culture
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    The Maker's Mark formula was actually decided by bread formula. The original distiller baked his family breads of a different grains. Naturally they preferred the bread with more wheat and a new legend was born.