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  1. Mrs. Gary F.

    Introducing Mrs. Gary F.

    Thanks...We just got 2 SA-12's yesterday so now to build the box. I will be posting pics once we get started.
  2. Mrs. Gary F.

    Introducing Mrs. Gary F.

    Well there are so many things I could tell you about myself. As you notice my log in the hubby is on here too and we are in the process of building out my car....2008 Mazda Tribute. I am so excited to be competing this year in MECA. We started today by testing to see what frequency will be used. I will be keeping everyone posted with pics as well of our progress we are shooting for January 31, 2010 to be the first show I compete at. There is a lot we have to do but I have confidence we can get it done. I will be competing in S1 this season. I look forward to learning some tricks of the trade on this forum. Good luck to everyone this season.
  3. Mrs. Gary F.

    How did you guys find SSA???

    As you notice my log in...the hubby is on this forum and we are building my car out for this season and thought I could learn somethings on the forum.