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    PROJECT! SE-R Rebuild!!!!

    So recently my brother crashed his car it was his college present from my parents he had it for like 3 yrs and my parents had only liability insurance I'm only 15 and my bro said if i fixed it it would be mine but once im able to drive(1 year) so lil by lil I've been fixing it. The side that was crashed messed up both struts so I was like ill get some coilovers so i got the coilovers on by myself then i needed a fender ordered it and now i bought 2 doors so for now i just need the rear bumper and quarter panel. The guy from the bumper said 1600 to fix it without the parts so i bought him the parts now i just need 1600 to finish it and like 400 for some details here and there...so yeah ever since he got the car i liked how it looked the difference it had from all the other altimas it was more squarish and looked/feels more sporty. It's a 6-speed so imma have to fix it and learn how to drive it too lol. So like in about a month imma have the cash ready for this badboy. Now i need some opinions my brother always wanted some carbon fiber i thought it looked pretty cool since the car is silver...so im thinking about getting carbon fiber vinyl for the mirrors a lil piece under the bumper and the weather guard thingies on the door. Now less talk and more pics! Before: After : Getting pulled by my dads F-250 V10 FTW! Rebuild Process! ^^^^Airbag Seat? Lol too much! Coiovers on! GAUGES! after sitting for 4 months it needed a wash!
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    Welcome to the IHoP

    UMm i cant get into the chat! I have a 1000 word essay on a genocide due today, a fakebook assignment some chemistry HW. Also anybody want an iPod touch 4g 145 shipped!
  3. cheese20323

    New Sub

    So imma redo my HT and i want some RE REX 8 because i can get em CHEAP so i was wondering will a sealed box with a 12" PR be better or the 8's ported or bandpass...
  4. cheese20323

    Outrageous Deal | 4 - 6 pm EST | Tonight! 11-27-2011

    Its barely 4....and ia are the same maybe cus..im on mobile?
  5. cheese20323

    DC Power on WCC???

    Lol he sounds so ghetto
  6. Rubenen, that is a terrible analogy, FYI. Also, I can tell they are different because of the way they are aligned and positioned. SMH...I'm 15 and i think I have more knowledge in operating a business than you! Maybe because I already do, but what does alignment have to do with power output? It may help with heat but just because it is a like 2 degrese cooler doesnt mean it will put out more power. And your post is very mis leading you said alignment and position wtf does it have to do with it!? This is just showing you have no idea what your saying and are saying the same things over and over again. Please reread your posts before posting them.
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    SSA Pumpkin i carved. :)

    secret sex association!!!!
  8. cheese20323

    Mac's GTI build

    no more evo?
  9. cheese20323


    That, and Solo X's are being discontinued. Don't share that information, please.
  10. cheese20323

    SSA has gone Amazon!

    Lol ebay next? Take your little store to the next level!
  11. cheese20323

    06 Lincoln Navigator- RF & some 18s

    ddm tuning...hmm you have a civic get 4300k because anything above that is played out for civics
  12. cheese20323

    BanginGMC's Build Log | The Rebuild

    Engine swap? slap a v8 to that thing! And Exhaust!
  13. cheese20323

    PROJECT! SE-R Rebuild!!!!

    maybe these wheels?
  14. cheese20323

    PROJECT! SE-R Rebuild!!!!

    Hopefully either fix the wheels it has on or get some others, right now i need some cash but its all good. fix some details here and their like the seat, I need the splash guards but they are needed. And for audio its gonna get maybe an all alpine setup or RE trying to keep it simple but sounding nice.
  15. cheese20323

    PROJECT! SE-R Rebuild!!!!

    About 3k or so....
  16. cheese20323

    PROJECT! SE-R Rebuild!!!!

    It's DONE it needs some details here and there but bodywork is done! gotta Stay Low! Still need to drop the back a lil more
  17. cheese20323

    first amp install gone wrong

    did you charge the cap?
  18. cheese20323

    testostorone boosters

    that makes your wiwi smaller too...can't let that get smaller! Just lift heavy and eat protein bars!
  19. cheese20323

    What's Cookin?!

    you have to put beer on the steak! Or else it dont taste good!
  20. cheese20323

    The Difference..

    i dont see how... I own several level4s and their suspension is about as soft as a Sundown SA. On the spiders im saying that they say they can add like 3 spiders for more power handling while part of is true but it only increases mechanical not thermal. But on the surrounds part yes the ones on the BL are hard to rip and on the DC i was able to make a lil hole with my fingernail. Tinsel leads to they are unwinding.
  21. cheese20323

    The Difference..

    I concur to this,i have a fi bl and a dc lvl 4, the bl surround overall cone looks and feels mor durable while on the other dc it looks cheaper. Only thing they put like 5 spiders so ppl say its stiff and handles 2x rated.
  22. cheese20323

    Security Film

    Alarm would be 100% better, it looks like window tint. Maybe just tint your windows and get an alarm...
  23. cheese20323

    Welcome to the IHoP

    Lol I never got the soh cah toa thingy but I guess I should study this....and angles in circles are easy....im guessing you studied/reviewed?
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    Help On New Speakers!

    So as most of may know the car that is crashed does not have the speakers or amp....so imma buy these things. for the rear imma go with 6.5 coax's and in the front imma go with components but the hard thing i am finding is which ones i am on a 150 dolllar budget on speakers. I found these 3 way speakers but i dont know if these are better or worse than the regular 2 way ones. If i go to 2 way imma go RE Audio Components not the xxX i have had them before and i liked them. I can get all 4 speakers for 150 and 100 for the XT800.4 amp from RE /US amps i had this setup before but now im just trying to figure out if the 3 ways are better or what? Or maybe you guys have better speakers for me. Imma most like be running 2 AQ SDC 2.5's or 2 RE Audio SX's. Both onl like 1500rms...thanks for any help.... 3 Way: http://www.audiosavings.com/products/6.5-and-6.75-Car-Speakers/PAIR-NEW-O2-OXYGEN-AIR-63-3-WAY-6.5-COMPONENT-SPEAKERS/AIR.63.aspx Another: http://www.audiosavings.com/products/6.5-and-6.75-Car-Speakers/PAIR-DB-DRIVE-PT6.23-3-WAY-6.5-COMPONENT-SPEAKERS/PT6.23.aspx 2 Way: http://www.audiosavings.com/products/Car-Audio-And-Video/NEW-RE-AUDIO-RE6.5C-6.5-COMPONENT-CAR-SPEAKERS-6-1-2/RE6.5C.aspx Another: http://www.audiosavings.com/products/6.5-and-6.75-Car-Speakers/ALPINE-SPR-60C-6.5-COMPONENT-2-WAY-CAR-SPEAKERS/SPR-60C.aspx
  25. cheese20323

    Welcome to the IHoP

    Um not really trying to do anything but im at a school were you go to HS and college at the same time so when i get out imma have my associates. So for anybody having kids make sure to enroll them in college while they are at HS because it is a major helping hand. I'm only a sophomore but i already have 15 units of the 60 i need.