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  1. walled01alero

    Fi Hairtrick on Low Power

    Friend's car at a show yesterday. 1k on each sub, wall is tuned at 25hz. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Whr9E9Z-i2o
  2. walled01alero

    hhr 4th order wall build, fo fih-teenz

    Lets see this thing finished
  3. walled01alero

    Walled Blazer hairtricks with 2 Fi BTL UFOs

    Robin and Dylan do some crazy work.
  4. walled01alero

    BEWARE of tejcurrent

    Good luck owners1. I hope you get your money back and those crossfires get all the juice they need.
  5. walled01alero

    Fi Btl 18's Ripping

    Anyone have experience with an rd d9?
  6. walled01alero

    Fi Btl 18's Ripping

  7. walled01alero

    A peek inside my wall

    If you don't want to hear me talk and just want to see inside my wall, skip to 2:50. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYr336Bng6w
  8. walled01alero

    A Moment With A Soundstream XXX

  9. walled01alero

    Casey Anthony Not Guilty

    At least somebody else has some sense lol.
  10. walled01alero

    Cricket's 4 15" Wardens

  11. walled01alero

    Fi Btl's Shirt Trickin

    I wish I would have taken this video when he had 6k
  12. walled01alero

    Trippi's Hummer

  13. walled01alero

    Trippi's Hummer

    Yeah man. He had some serious power.
  14. walled01alero

    Trippi's Hummer