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  1. Jays04TSX-E

    2 fault messages

    My vehicle has whats called a supplemental brake assist motor, it is a extra vacuum pump to supply extra vacuum in low vacuum conditions such as accel or if the booster failed. It runs a self test every time you start the vehicle for 1 second, and if the IPC (instrument panel) does not see that the test completes 5 times in a row it turns on the "Service Brake Booster" message. This is the message I am getting as well as "Battery not charging" They are related. I believe on my factory alternator plug that the blue one is for the supplemental brake assist. So this clearly needs to be ran as a jumper to.............where?? Matt? Anyone?
  2. Jays04TSX-E

    2 fault messages

    Nothing was accidentally disconnected and I believe your statement about the message center seeing the proper voltage but we connected the exact jumper that Matt said to and still have the message in the message center.
  3. Jays04TSX-E

    2 fault messages

    No leaners. No loose connections. I see no signs of leaking brake fluid anywhere.
  4. Jays04TSX-E

    2 fault messages

    So we installed my 350 SMD with external regulator on my Sierra. When not using the factory harness, I have a message on my instrument cluster saying "battery not charging". Ok understandable, the CPU is not seeing the signal, so we called and emailed Matt. He told us about the jumper to run (the L terminal I believe) but that didn't clear the message. ON TOP of this, the build was done, so I went to drive it home from my buddys shop and had a low brake pedal. Pulling out to the first stop sign, I now have a "service brake booster" light on my instrument cluster. I did some research on it when I got home and I think the 2 messages are tied together versus me having bad luck----a leaking booster. Sorry so long, just wanna know if anyone else had the same problem and how was it fixed.
  5. man, y'all in them Tennessee hollers!
  6. so what kinda numbers people put up yesterday?
  7. Jays04TSX-E

    some questions on losing some weight

    Really? Muscle burns twice as much as calories as fat? i did not know that. I always thought someone should do cardio over weight lifting to lose weight.
  8. I just realized that's a Saturday. Hopefully I can get off work.
  9. I'm not sure being it will be my first MECA event ... But I'm thinking it will be Sound Quality Moddex oh ok. so ur an sq guy? gotcha.
  10. what class are you looking to run in?
  11. Hey Kyle, not saying this is the case, bc obviously its not, but if he had a bigger battery bank, would this still be an issue?? because of the power curve? or would a big a$$ battery bank help that? The OP's vehicle idles below the rpm level needed to trigger the alternator to turn on. At idle, the alternator is off, the entire electrical system relies on battery voltage(float level). From the chart Kyle posted, their 320HP would produce around 93amps at idle (whether this be near the stock alts rating or below, I don't know), but 93a for stock electrical + a big stereo = no bueno. So as you can see in either case, your mainly going to be relying on your batteries when the vehicle is parked or idling. If the OP had thirty large agm batteries in the back of his car, he would have plenty of battery reserve, and the alternator's nearly non-existent contribution at idle wouldn't really matter in the scheme of things. (assuming your driving around like normal) But having thirty agm batteries isn't going to change the alternator's turn on speed or power curve. gotcha.
  12. Jays04TSX-E

    saying hi

    Addicting website, no matter ur brand!
  13. Jays04TSX-E

    SBN March 24-25

    Bid vacation rounds going on at work, I'm bidding SBN week for my first round, hopefully I get it and then DbRevolution will be there from Kentucky/Tennessee.
  14. Hey Kyle, not saying this is the case, bc obviously its not, but if he had a bigger battery bank, would this still be an issue?? because of the power curve? or would a big a$$ battery bank help that?