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  1. sweendog

    Incriminator Pro Audio

    I've heard multiple cars sound great with pro audio.
  2. sweendog

    Extremely impressed by my new Death Penalty's

    Yeah I didn't notice how much you could see the coil through the motor. That probably helps a ton.
  3. sweendog

    8 IA Death Penalty's, 3 Alts, and 18 volt

    This looks awesome, hopefully I get to hear it at some point.
  4. sweendog

    Man this place is dead

    Are the new amps made in the same place as the first versions?
  5. sweendog

    Extremely impressed by my new Death Penalty's

    What's the benefit of having the motor segmented?
  6. I've seen people running more than double that on a single alt. One alt wil be fine on 7k just be sure to back it with proper battery power.
  7. sweendog

    My fi q's arrived today (unbox vid too)

    Nick your back with Fi? Sweet
  8. sweendog

    New Member from NPR, FL

    How do you like those duracells btw? I think that's what I'm gonna run.
  9. sweendog

    New Member from NPR, FL

    ahh okay jk that wasn't you haha. Still looks sweet.
  10. sweendog

    Fi/ SSA 10" subs LPFs

    It seems like there is some confusion going on. He has a sub to play the lows but is looking for something smaller to run as midbass as well. I'm pretty sure Sky High has a couple DC Lvl 2 8s playing midbass doesn't he?
  11. sweendog

    New Member from NPR, FL

    Looks sweet, I think maybe I met you off of Gandy when you bought something off Robin?
  12. sweendog

    My fi q's arrived today (unbox vid too)

    My first sub was a q 12. I loved it, that thing got down.
  13. sweendog

    Starting from scratch. The F5 Build log & updates

    cool I don't think I ever saw a build log for this. Are you re doing the colors inside?
  14. sweendog

    Wall socket a RedStar Neo sub :)

    Just curious why you did it to a sub that had two good coils? Just wanted a recone?
  15. sweendog

    Pac-lc1 control knob

    Yeah they are pretty much the standard now a days. Like stated I would rather have the PAC than pretty much any "stock" amp knobs. They're like $15 off amazon or so.