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  1. Raptorman

    4 15in zcons. In A 1st Gen Dodge Durango

    Wow that looks awesome.
  2. Raptorman

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    That or WAT Remover
  3. Raptorman

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Most cracks contain false-positives. Anti-virus programs will catch them most of the time and tell you it has malware, when actually it is just the file that cracks whatever program/game you are downloading. 99% of the time when you download that stuff, it's clean. I've downloaded countless cracked games and I don't even run antivirus on my machines. No bad virus' pop up when I run the occasional full/boot-time scans.
  4. Raptorman

    New Member from NPR, FL

    I love the batteries. They're just rebadged Deka 9a31's. The Duracells are sold at Sams. I got the unbadged batts from Square Deal.
  5. Raptorman

    New Member from NPR, FL

    Thanks sir.
  6. Yup ^ Or check Sams Club too. They sell rebadged Deka 9a31's for good prices at mine. Check their site to see if it's available first.
  7. Raptorman

    grayta's 2012 Ford Focus Build

    Damn how'd you get that damn batt in there?
  8. Raptorman

    New Member from NPR, FL

    Nope, never bought anything from Robin.
  9. Raptorman

    ToXicFrOgXx's Build

    Singer makes great Alts. Great dude. $500 isn't so expensive for an alt. Seems to be the average that people are paying. Although yeah that seems expensive for a 180a alt. Some cars are like that, though. My friends Chevy Cavalier will be getting a 350A from Singer for only $550.
  10. Raptorman

    New Member from NPR, FL

    Thanks Mark! And thank you Bassink. And Yes we call it the Sully. Haha! From Monsters Inc. ;p
  11. Raptorman

    New Member from NPR, FL

    Thanks Godsmack. And Quentin I'll post a couple pictures for you. I'll edit them in when I find them. Edit: And this pic was when I had one amp and the old amp rack. Some Vids http://youtu.be/plfnmo5CUQw http://youtu.be/o604Fs45EjI http://youtu.be/iKTFc4DJU2Q
  12. Raptorman

    New Member from NPR, FL

    What's up everyone. I've been over at SMD for a while now, username over there is the same. And figured I should go check out some other forums. So here I am! My name's Hunter. Have a 2000 Nissan Altima. And 6 SA-10's ported in the trunk. On two BC 2k's. I look forward to talking with a whole new crowd!