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  1. Damn bro hope all is well haven't seen you on in a while.Had a ? for you how do you like your TSNS. I was just wondering out of all the subs you had which one did you like the most.which ones sounded the best for daily abuse. I appreciate it Jason.

  2. tejcurrent

    T3 Audio TSNS 18 + Soundigital 16k

    I hooked up the Soundigital amp, I figured if I wait much longer shipping insurance wouldn't cover it if it didn't work or something so I had to check it out. Works good, and I can say I have no clue what people are talking about when they say the SD amps don't play the lows. It sounds just like it did off my 4 channel amp, just louder. I have less charging upgrades that when I was running the 1000.1 so I can't turn it up as much, but it's loud. It's pretty obvious after just a few minutes of playing around this amp has more power at 4 ohms than the 1000.1- so I'm pretty excited to clamp it with a few alts and batteries.
  3. tejcurrent

    It's been since January..... NOTHING

    I did, we are trying to work out things to get a few ASAP. In the mean time I've ordered a new CNC setup for myself, so if they don't get things made any quicker than the last shop I will be able to make them myself. I'm sorry for the wait a few customers have gone through- I'm trying to get you guys squared away and make sure it never happens again. Thanks, Troy
  4. tejcurrent

    T3 Audio TSNS 18 + Soundigital 16k

    Thanks! Man I remember that, the truck had soo much more in it but I couldn't get the juice. I've had people bust my balls on the score, but 153.4 sealed at that show wasn't my highest, and it was at 32Hz. I'm hoping I'll get down to meter the one TSNS before the others arrive- they'll probably be here in 1-2 weeks.
  5. tejcurrent

    230 amp alternator sale

    Thank you. Anyone interested in alternators please PM or email me at tejcurrent@tejcurrent.com. I will have alternators available for some Chevy and Ford vehicles, but most of my efforts are focused on making brackets to house larger or multiple alternators on vehicles. I do not plan on making alternators for foreign vehicles - though some can fit a bracket and additional or large case replacement. At this point the sale is over, and there are several new models available. Thank you everyone who participated.
  6. tejcurrent

    Bracket Requests

    Right now I'm not starting any new projects until I smooth out the CNC problems I've had lately. I was expecting something done long before now, but I do not expect to have this bracket ready to ship until some time near the end of next month or a little after that. Thanks for all the interest everyone, I plan on releasing quite a few new brackets soon, but please know I will not start any new projects for at least a month. Troy
  7. tejcurrent

    It's been since January..... NOTHING

    The problems I've had with the shop and CNC times have been unacceptable, but completely beyond my control. I'm trying to find an alternative shop to get the work done asap- but until I finish my personal shop some time this summer I am at the mercy of outside machine shops to complete the brackets. I'm told the CNC will be fixed by the end of the week every time a repair person gets on the phone, or I talk to the shop owner. A week after that products should start shipping again, but as you've expressed the week or so I've been promised has been exceeded by a LOT. I'm very sorry this problem has been passed on to the few of you who I accepted pre-orders from, at this point I'm holding off on all new brackets and pre-orders until I have product in-hand so this does not happen again. I'm trying to work out a deal with another shop to get things going sometime this upcoming week, and get you guys squared away. Again I am very sorry for the wait, I never expected to keep anyone waiting more than the time I promised. Its not right to you guys, and as this thread shows it makes me look bad- which I certainly don't want. As far as emails I've had several problems with lost emails from the email servers side- I don't know why, and unless I know I wont have issues I'll be switching so I know I'm getting everyones email. Due to a few family issues (sickness etc) I got backed up with my emails. I believe I'm pretty much caught up, so there should be little to no wait for a response. If anyone doesn't hear from me after a day please try again, I don't mean to keep anyone waiting! Thank you for those who have waited, I'm doing everything I can to take care of these problems and get your bracket shipped out quickly. Please know YOU WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF! Troy Jones
  8. tejcurrent

    T3 Audio TSNS 18 + Soundigital 16k

    Thanks guys, ford302redneck- got an email today that I should be able to pick up the remaining the TSNS 18's If anything falls through I'll get in touch. I'm going to drop my old box that housed the 4 btl 18s in when the subs arrive just to test. It's been out in my shed for a few years, so I don't expect it to be in peak shape, but it should be an interesting drop-in comparison. It's already fiberglassed so that should be a plus. Then I'll work on the new box as I have time- and see how these like 20ft @ 36Hz and 240sq of port. I'm not saying price isn't a factor, but it does seem you get what you pay for with most things. I would rather spend a bit more and get what I want than wind up unhappy. I must say this sub is my favorite to date, and honestly I haven't found any 'cheap' 4" coil driver. I would trust most good subs (BTL, ZCON, DC LVL 5, etc) to handle 3500 rms for music, but I should have even fewer problems with this.
  9. tejcurrent

    T3 Audio TSNS 18 + Soundigital 16k

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the nice words! Man I'm learning patience, I love doing builds but as you can see from the stack of unfinished aluminum I HATE polishing these bars. It's tedious and boring, but I want the result bad enough I'll put in an hour here and there. I talked to a shop that wanted a few hundred to do it for me- which honestly is almost worth it but I like saying I did it myself. I've considered BTLs, DC LVL 5, and ZCONs, and numerous options if T3 can't make another 3 to match (or I can't find them quickly and recone to have 3 new matching subs.) If this happens I've looked into the Treo CXTs, RD SHW (not really an option), Soundstream XXX, and DC Lvl 6. The TSNS at this point is my favorite option so I hope it works out. I've even considered 6 3" coil 15s but I don't want to do that. They ran out of stock and instead of buying parts elsewhere they are going to be making the motors in house- buying magnetizer(s) and such, so they estimate 2012 before they start making new T2000 and TSNS subs. At least thats what I get from their posts in a nut shell.
  10. tejcurrent

    T3 Audio TSNS 18 + Soundigital 16k

    Thanks! Its a really tedious process with this aluminum. Maybe there's a better way, but here's what I've done: Powered sander: 110 grit 220 grit hand sand 320 400 Wet sand with 600 1000 2000 Polish with buffing wheel and aluminum polish. You get a mirrored look just after the 2000, but a quick buff gives it a 'deep' mirror look, but without the excessive sanding you see scratches and even skipping the 2000 gives you a hazy finished product. Trying like hell to get 3 more TSNS 18's, but they're hard to find- T3 is low on stock until 2012
  11. tejcurrent

    T3 Audio TSNS 18 + Soundigital 16k

    Thanks, I still have a long way to go All these left to hand sand and polish So I decided to at least hook up my existing 4 + 4 - runs of 1/0 and 4ch amp so I can get some music while I drive Once I get a few more blocks ready I'll hook up the 16k- with just 1 alt and battery though so pretty tame till the alts are in and the battery rack welded up.
  12. tejcurrent

    T3 Audio TSNS 18 + Soundigital 16k

    Thanks guys, Lance, you'll get a call it was a trooper. A bit more work done, but the files were corrupted and I lost most of the pics. Here's what remains: 1/4" plexi, vinyl wrapped the 'lid' From just the right angle you can see the aluminum fasteners for the plexi. Looking to clean up my fuse holders under the hood. It's just a thin mockup, but you get the idea.
  13. tejcurrent

    T3 Audio TSNS 18 + Soundigital 16k

    Thanks! I figure things can look good in pics, but I'm doing this for myself and I have to live with it if I do a crap job. I'd rather tear it out and start over if I mess up than fudge it. Actually I did that today. I bought a huge sheet of vinyl (adhesive sticker crap) to cover the busbar rack. Glossy and looked awesome, but I couldn't get it to lay down right. I got a few creases in it and it ruined the whole look. I removed it, sanded things with some 220, and threw down paint since I can do that half decent lol. A $40 mistake I learned from anyway. I knew right away why I was getting pulled. I've been careful not to get a ticket but with the kids + wife in the car I didn't see the cop till I was up on him. Normally I roll a window down as I pass so he can see me out of courtesy and not wanting a ticket but didn't have time. When he walked up to the car I rolled my sunroof open and all the windows down, had my little kids staring at him the whole time. I understand the law, but I had my windows all down, a regular guy out with the family on a Sunday morning, going the speed limit and all. He just wanted to write me a ticket and get that money. Anyway, it's a good excuse to replace the chipped tint from careless passengers.
  14. tejcurrent

    T3 Audio TSNS 18 + Soundigital 16k

    I only got a little bit of work done today, but I didn't have much time and I probably wont have spare time again for at least a few days. Trying to figure out the dimensions I want the opening: And the hole cut in the top plate: Laying the bars out on the base: I was going to measure and mark the holes to drill with a ruler, but I forgot I had my special deep-hole marking pencil: False floor in place with busbars angled with the seats: A few more adjustments for wiring: And a few coats of paint on the floor:
  15. tejcurrent

    T3 Audio TSNS 18 + Soundigital 16k

    I got pulled for tint Sunday, I guess I was due after 4 years in this vehicle with a layer of 5% and a layer of 20%. Court is in 2 weeks, a Wednesday I think, so I set up an appointment to have my tint removed that Monday Then Friday I'll be putting the new tint on I never had my windshield tinted, but I figured I'd put on a layer of 45% up front too. The way I'm looking at it is as long as I don't have to pay full price on the fine I'll have the extra cash to upgrade the tint. I'm not the kind of person who's like 'f the police' or anything, I have no tickets on my license, etc etc, but seeing my one kid get sunburned while sitting in a family members car last summer I'll keep my tint.