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  1. jFreezy

    A good place to buy seleniums?

    Oh but I saw seleniums on partsexpress.com. I was looking at then today. I want a horn. Whether it be train horn police siren, selenium is where I'm starting..
  2. jFreezy

    A good place to buy seleniums?

    That'll work to, I sorta said that on the spot. Il probably have questions about the build as well.
  3. I'm looking for some seleniums to put in my truck. I want two selenium horns and maybe selenium midbass drivers and supertweeters to put in my doors. I've looked at parts express but there doesn't seem to be a big variety If anyone knows a good website or dealer? And is It worth to look at horns under $100?
  4. jFreezy

    The foam surrounding on my dcon ripped

    sucks bro sorry to hear that i heard mikey is selling his setup you might wanna hit him up
  5. And yes getting the sundown 100.2 would be a very good deal for me.
  6. Shoot I was really hoping to get 400watts out of that amp. What would happen of I wired pos and neg from both coils to the same terminals on the amp for 4ohms bridged? 200 each coil? For 400 total?
  7. Ok im back with more questions lol. Wiring the sa8 with 1wire per coil.. What is the final impedance? Its dual 4 ohms so does that mean each coil is 2ohms? So it would be 2 ohms per coil and to the amp 2ohms per channel? And 200 watts would be pushed per coil to a final wattage of 400 watts to the sub? Am I thinking too much lol. Can someone explain to me what's going to happen in my application with my variables. Sa8 on sundown 100.2 in a Nissan sentra 15volt ish on idle in a 0.7 cubic ft ported box tuned 32hz.
  8. jFreezy

    Fi X?

    Do those even sell good? I mean I'd rather have a white sticker I think these would sell quicker if they'd have the dustcap color options..
  9. Idk ive never done it but I will try it as soon as I buy the 100.2. Gracias mi amigos
  10. Is it risky wiring like that? Ive never seen that kind of wiring. And what would the ohm load be?
  11. jFreezy

    ShiZZZoN's Custom Music :)

    Wow looks like a great list of songs. Thanks man im looking forward to listening to each and every one
  12. I have a slow income lol
  13. Yeah I'm looking at them now lol. Originally I planned on paying about $200 but saw the 11.2 and thought I could get some new shoes lol. Might settle for sundown amp
  14. ..I really don't want to take the risk I might have to look into some monoblock amps