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    Building boxes, speaker design. I'm a beekeeper and make cabinets. Remodeling and building. Mountain biking.
  1. duanebrow

    Help with 18" Box

    LOL. You didn't say at what frequency you hit your 141 at. Simply tuning closer to your peak frequency will give you a lot more spl normally. I understand that you don't want a spl box, I just brought it up because you could get a much higher number if sounding good doesn't matter. As far as things that could help spl, adding bracing to the box or deadening the truck would be a good place to start I think.
  2. duanebrow

    Help choosing a sub?

    Yes you can. You need the Dual 2 version of the sub to get a 4 ohm load btw.
  3. duanebrow

    Subwoofer Enclosure Material

    That looks like what I got.
  4. duanebrow

    I'm New. Help me get Sub-Stage started!

    Looks like you need to go shopping for a AVR.
  5. duanebrow

    Subwoofer Enclosure Material

    going from 5k to 10k should give you 3 db in theory. Going to a 5-6 cf box will give you the same gain on 5k.
  6. duanebrow

    Hello from Michigan

    Hello from Grand Blanc! (East side of the state)
  7. duanebrow

    Subwoofer Enclosure Material

    Layer MDF and then void free plywood. change up the seams between layers to make the box even stronger.
  8. duanebrow

    Home theater box design

    I have found tapered TL's work for speakers that want really small boxes tuned low. They are no harder to build than a slot ported box. Horns, yes, they are a PITA because of the size.
  9. duanebrow

    Home theater box design

    LOL. I guess what I modeled would be called a reverse taper, offset, rear loaded horn. But that is how you model a TL in hornresp. The taper, or area of the of the exit, can also affect the tuning. The ported designs are EBS types. So they are giving up efficiency for extension. This is why they model at a lower spl per watt. Also I used different programs for the different designs so that could be a variable.
  10. duanebrow

    Home theater box design

    I used hornresp to model a transmission line (TL). If Sundown's specs are correct, I think that the sa-12 is a good driver for this type of box. fr starts to roll off at 20hz. Volume is just over 2 cf. Plus it is about 2-3 db more efficient than a vented box. The biggest reason to use this type of box over a ported box is because it doesn't use a "port". When you tune a ported enclosure really low the port gets really long. And you need a big port for this driver, making the box bigger. So a TL ends up being smaller overall.
  11. duanebrow

    Home theater box design

    Many plate amps have a ssf/highpass at ~20hz. So you may want to check into it. I would also model a 2.5cf box @20hz. This keeps excursion down to 14mm @500watts. You aren't gaining much with a bigger box. There is a new version of winisd on facebook btw. Have fun, Duane
  12. duanebrow

    FI IB315 Doable?(Box dimensions known)

    Sealed boxes are very forgiving. With that box size you aren't going to be able to tell the difference in changing the volume a foot or so.
  13. duanebrow

    New to forum, Plan my build.

    Whoops, that is not a good recommendation. You need dual 4 ohm vc. subs for a 1 ohm load. LOL. They would be way under powered with your amp, please ignore and keep looking.
  14. duanebrow

    New to forum, Plan my build.

    Welcome, if you want to go with 15"s is look at these: http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=295-469 They can work in a small box and ported or sealed.
  15. duanebrow

    sono tube port help! is it enough

    Just add a brace that holds the other end of the port.