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    my btl blew

    not only that but he has YET to explain his claim of it blowing in 5 mins which i think is a total crock of chit.... /thatisall
  2. sensai

    Nick-sent an email

    could someone forward me this email sensai@charter.net thanks
  3. sensai

    Post your Audio Setup!!!

    hu: pioneer avh-6400cd processor: pioneer deq 7600 front stage: 4 sets Orion p 6.2's front stage amp: 2 orion 4800's ( one per set) SUBS 4 FI Audio 15" BTL's all options sub amps 4 Orion 2500ds ( had 8 :0 ) soon to come: batts 8 kenitik monster 2400s 50ft 1/0 kicker flex ( power) 50ft 1/0 kicker flex (ground) thats is for now