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    Digital Designs C4a

    Hi, haven't been on here in awhile i have a Digital Designs C4a 4 channel amp for sale that I had for two weeks (bought it new as old stock), I decided to go with Incriminator Audio amps instead of Digital Designs. It is rated for 100 x4 at 4 ohms and has built in cross overs that can allow you to use them for an Active cross over set up for your mids and high. I paid over $350 for it. I'm asking 275 obo. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
  2. SouthPole1989

    Sundown sax100.4D

    ups is 21 and fed ex 14
  3. SouthPole1989

    Sundown sax100.4D

    BUMP. 230 OBO
  4. SouthPole1989

    Sundown sax100.4D

    Hi, i am selling my Sundown Audio sax100.4D I have decided to get something to get something smaller so i can put my amp in my bucket seat in my truck. possibly looking at getting a sax125.4. anyway the amp has upgraded rca inputs to be able to use higher end rca cables that have a tighter bite to them(monster cable for example) without taking the grounding shield off when you take of the rca's and that was done by db-r. the amp is 100% functional and maybe 8 out of 10 for looks. just mostly minor scratches. i would like to get at least $250 for it. Paypal is preferred. and thank you for looking And sorry if breaking rules about posting the pictures. i forgot how to. http://i1148.photobucket.com/albums/o574/Birdmanfo3/ec8d640f.jpg http://i1148.photobucket.com/albums/o574/Birdmanfo3/54759fff.jpg
  5. SouthPole1989

    Re-Cone Prices

    ok i got to ask since i really want to use these. how much for a SD-1v1 12" recone and if possible with a 10" frame
  6. only using the KTX-100EQ does the alpine do that. and i am using a 9887. as probably many others are
  7. SouthPole1989

    Kenwood xr 4s

    pdx's cant do active. i think i may do 2 jl 300/2v2 i want to do 2 sax125.2 but the highpass only goes up to 3k hz
  8. hi, i had to change my plans and have to go with a more budget friendly set up around 300 for the front stage amp . ok right now i have a sundown sax100.4D that i love. but the problem is it is too long i need 3 inches of it to be cut off for it to be true love. so i am i going to have to sell it. and i was looking at small class d amps. and i saw the kenwood xr 4s. for roughly 300 it is rated for 120 rms at 4 ohms and can do active. and on diyma it seems to have gotten good reviews and i do like the fact that it has a fan.. but i never have ran kenwood before . and the only other options i can see for me is getting 2 2 channels amps and stacking them since i want atleast 100 rms at 4 ohms and active. and i am asking for opinions on the kenwood or any other amps that could work. thank you
  9. SouthPole1989

    bridging and t/a question.

    thanks i will look into the ER18
  10. SouthPole1989

    bridging and t/a question.

    the vehicle is a 2002 frontier. and i am looking at getting 6.5" mid bass.also i have been leaning towards sea prestige P18RNX for the midbass and SEAS Prestige 27TAFNC/G for the tweeter
  11. SouthPole1989

    bridging and t/a question.

    around 350 is my budget . i figure that since the xd600/6 is $ 500 authorized i should be able to get a non authorized one for around $350 when they pop up on the net. and i am looking for around 125rms @ at 4 ohms.but my main problem is the size of the amp. like right now i have a sax100.4D that wont fit in the jump seat area of my truck so right now i have it on the floor in the extended cab part k. so i need something that is no longer then 15 inches long or the terminals are not on the ends. but i am liking the flexibility that the xd6006 would have for future uses.
  12. hi, i am thinking about getting a jl audio xd600/6 and going 2 way active using my 9887 for the processing. and i plan on using channels 1 and 2 for the tweeters. and 3 and 4 bridged for 1 midbass and channels 5 and 6 for the other midbass. now i am wondering by doing that. will i lose some features such as time alignment? or should it be ok as long as i have the rca's matched up right, thank you. and also i plan on doing the 2 way active this way with that amp because it is going in a truck so space is limited and this is only option that i can think of that can give me the power i want and still keep me within budget. thank you.
  13. SouthPole1989

    Sundown Z v.2 Pricing

    Just a HAIR less than the NS v.1 -- you can assume it is the same for most purposes. so 8.25"? i only have 7.5" to work with because of truck
  14. SouthPole1989

    Sundown Z v.2 Pricing

    what is the mounting depth like on the 12"?
  15. SouthPole1989

    IA 6.4 - 4 Channel Amp!

    so any thing new with this? im looking for a replacement for my sax100.4D. and i need something small.