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  1. errydayswag

    difference in quality in speakers

    Check out Scanspeak, they make some of the best speakers out there, and are moderately priced.
  2. errydayswag


    Just received my 2 DCON's the other day, and couldn't help but notice the MASSIVE magnets on them, which leads me to wonder... Call me an idiot, but how does such a gigantic magnet (and all of the other high end parts used) only ammount to 300 watts RMS?? I see many other subs with SMALLER magnets (RF P3) that handle MUCH more power...?
  3. errydayswag

    10" 300w woofer recommendation

    I actually just switched out 2 12" CVR's for 2 12" DCON's today lol. HUGE difference in sq and even note range. For 300 watts each, these things get low as mofos! I definitely recommend DCON's.
  4. errydayswag

    Order Status!!! :D

    Shipped last night at 9...ironically Thanks for the updates!
  5. errydayswag

    Order Status!!! :D

    That's fine...I can be patient. I was just concerned about the contradictory tracking info I was getting.
  6. errydayswag

    Order Status!!! :D

    The SSA store was sold out of Dcons lol
  7. errydayswag

    Order Status!!! :D

    And I bought the subs on April 14, not Feb. 14... But just for clarity, are the subs built?
  8. errydayswag

    Order Status!!! :D

  9. errydayswag

    Order Status!!! :D

    On Feb. 14 I purchased 2 12" DCONs off of your Amazon store, and the tracker has said that the packages have been "In Transit" for nearly a week now. No other updates have been available, so I am a bit concerned. I also just contacted UPS over phone and they said a label has been created but they do not yet have the packages....? Amazon Order #: 103-8907864-0386659 UPS Tracking #: 1Z6759270392871563 Thanks in advance.