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  1. I am sorry, I was not disregarding your opinion
  2. Alright well thanks a bunch, at least I know im not alone, although, I still dont know presisely. What has caused it, but I guess it could be a nunber of things but I guess ill be trying to contact sundown havent got to much of an answer so far but eh lets hope
  3. And also I just wanted to emphasize all the leads that are burned through are all right befre the lead would enter in to below the dustcap, im not sure if there is any significance to tto this but
  4. I guess what gets me is the idea that the tinsel leads have become the weakest link in the sub I mean weve talked about to.much power and whatnot, although I do.not believe I was giving it any more power than.what is within reasonable parameters so yes im just wondering why the weakest link seing as the coil is also effected by those same things yet it is perfect even though it would seem to.me.the coil would have a hsrder time.disipating hest than the tinsels, simplybecause of the environment it operates in and how the wiring is.distributed?
  5. No see I am running the original sa-8's some might even cal them the 1.5's according to sundown but, yeah, they are the flat kinda braided single tinsels, and I didnt reallize my subsonic was to low, my p only seems to give me the option of 0 15 and 30 and 30 seemed a bit high? Or am I wrong? I mean id love to get the v2's but 3 of those ais a big chunk of cash if these aee rendered useless, I could be subless for a few months I have been trying to figure out whether this would be covered in warranty. But I really havent been able to determine it, but it seems like a slight fault in design to m, as no im obvilously without an operational product,
  6. I would, upload a pic of box, not sure how to do that yet.. Though, but I can try and deacribe it, it would have been the closest to the port, they sit in kinda the shape of a trianle, with the port starting at the top left corner, the two 8's closest to the port have burned tinsles, although, I wouldnt have throught they could be unloaded out a 2.5 inch wide pprt?
  7. I am not using a cheap amp, I am running an alpine pdx amp, and I am not clippibg them to my knowledge, amp gain is set @about 2/3 way up, with ssf at 15 hz, I dont even play them super loud as my surrounding speakers do not yet keep up as they are just powered by the headunit and they litterally looks black, and burned through, I found it weird that they all bunt right at thr center, before it reaches through the cone? Anybody have suggestions on where I go.from here?
  8. Hi guys new to this site, and I seem to be having a problem, I have 3 SA-8's been running them for a few months, love em, but the other day, I noticed one of them wasnt playing, and one of the other was moving very little compared to the other, so I figure a terminal connection had come loose, so I pull it out of the box to find that the tinsel leads are burned right through, on both subs near the center, , now when I depress the center I get no scratching whatsoever, and looking through the vents the coil looks prestine, and im very much wondering why this has happened, as I have an alpine pdx m-12 so the subs aee getting rated power, as well they are in a 2.1 ^3ft tuned at 34 hz port are 29 square so its all to spec, and I let them break in gently, and I am very frustrated, anybody got ideas, or what to do ?