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  1. skaraudio_fanatic

    The PT Bruiser, 159.5db!!

    I'm in for updates..
  2. skaraudio_fanatic

    What makes a car a groundpounder?

    I would say a groundpounder is all of the above suggestions plus a system that moves a decent amount of air, can do hairtricks on demand, and of course as stated above, has to be able to play music for long periods of time without stopping.
  3. skaraudio_fanatic

    2001 Pt cruiser wall build ........

    Nice! Good to see more pt's gettin loud. They're a pretty easy car to get loud for sure.
  4. skaraudio_fanatic

    The PT Bruiser, 159.5db!!

    Still through Mike Singer. Retail probably in the $600 range. Thanks man I appreciate the input, awesome build! Can't wait to see whats next!
  5. skaraudio_fanatic

    The PT Bruiser, 159.5db!!

    Sorry for thread jacking, but which alt company are you going for to upgrade to a 6 phase hairpin alt? How much did they quote you and does it bolt on directly or will you be modding some things under the hood to get it to fit? Pt's have like zero room for alts so I'm trying to find something bigger than 240 amps that would directly bolt on without changing brackets but doesn't look like that will happen.
  6. skaraudio_fanatic

    Quick teaser video 2 Fi SPp4s on 4k

    Nice! Thats some good flex. How do the sp4's play? Do they pretty much play most frequencies well or are they more of a 'low and loud" kinda sub? Most subs I've had just dig low but drop off higher than 50 hertz. I'm thinking about a couple of these also. Sorry to jack the spotlight. Awesome vid should be nasty when you get those other two!
  7. skaraudio_fanatic

    Any experience with the new Fi X series?

    I was just looking at these speakers this morning, would love some info on them as well..... Maybe someone who has tried them can chime in.
  8. skaraudio_fanatic

    faint noise

    Have you tried taking the ground wire going from the harness off the headunit and just grounding to bare metal? That helps a lot I heard. Also if you have a line driver and be careful when you use it and lower the gain on your amp to compensate that eliminates a lot of noise because it helped when I had my own noise problems. Hope this helps!
  9. skaraudio_fanatic

    The PT Bruiser, 159.5db!!

    Absolutely positively badass man. That system looks violent as &$^%! But yeah man you're welcome I've showed all my friends who are doubtful of pt's getting loud your build and the videos of your ride plus twisted's vids and they all changed their minds in a hurry, lol. I remember on another forum I was told I should just give up because it's impossible to get them loud, but I knew if theres a will theres a way. a pt doing damn near 160 on a burp? and over 157's on music?? You can't beat that, lol. Hopefully when I get my build done I'll be slightly as loud as you haha.
  10. skaraudio_fanatic

    The PT Bruiser, 159.5db!!

    Thanks for the input every little bit helps, I love this build because you're one of the pioneers with this car and upgrading stuff and just makes it easier because the rest of us pt owners have something to fall back on as a reference for the way to go when upgrading electrical. Thanks for the help man.
  11. skaraudio_fanatic

    The PT Bruiser, 159.5db!!

    Where did you buy your external voltage regulator and was it hard to wire up? Do you have to buy the alternator set up to be externally regulated or does it matter? and do you have any dash lights that come on? Thanks!
  12. skaraudio_fanatic

    The PT Bruiser, 159.5db!!

    I see a 160 very soon! Also have you ever thought about losing the ac to add a second alt or finding someone to make a dual alt bracket? I'm trying to find someone to do it but it's hard cause pt's have almost no room under the hood. Just wondering cause you're running a lot of power.
  13. skaraudio_fanatic

    The PT Bruiser, 159.5db!!

    Awesome can't wait to see how they sound!
  14. skaraudio_fanatic

    Bad battery or alt

    I had this exact same issue about a couple weeks ago and burned my alternator up because of it. sad part about it was I had no money for a Ho alt at the time so I had to put another stocker back on
  15. skaraudio_fanatic

    I hate to bring up the past...

    Probably a guy I saw at a high school football game years ago when I had my first for real system. And he was bragging about his lights dimming and his stock volt gauge was reading around 11 volts or lower and his engine kept nearly shutting off from the bass.