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  1. Bloodrises


    IMO of they are 15's I think you will need more cubes. But I could be wrong May be the main man up there can shed some light
  2. Bloodrises

    Please welcome SoundQubed to the SSA forums

    Welcome and whoot
  3. Bloodrises

    grayta's 2012 Ford Focus Build

    I still need to here this bish man
  4. Bloodrises

    Video if a song I bassed

    Here is what this song did in a guys car. http://youtu.be/JlqFQrSJPws
  5. Bloodrises

    Video if a song I bassed

    So this is a video yes but more just a song. It's The red by Chevelle that I rebassed tones are 33hz 35hz and 37hz. Play at your own risk. The song should not have any distortion in the bass or clipping. I have used it in my car and a couple others. But here it is tell me how you like it and shoot some videos of y'all bumping it so I can see what it does. http://youtu.be/2xcypFm8eM4
  6. Bloodrises

    2012 Chevy Sonic

    I can't do a 4th order with the soundqubed. There not ment to be in a sealed box. That was my first plan but I am going to do a 6th using aero ports so I can change tuning easer if I don't like the way it sounds I just need to get more info before I actually spend the $$$ for the material As for te big 3 with it ring a new car and been in the shop now 3 times I want to wait a bit before I really do anything ales to it in case anything serious happends
  7. Bloodrises

    2012 Chevy Sonic

    We'll now I'm thinking of building a 6th order bandpass for my 1 12 to see how it will soud and do metered. No I'm not going for numbers it's my daily driver. I just need to figure out if I can fit it
  8. Bloodrises

    2012 Chevy Sonic

    So just a little update went to a show over the weekend and got metered. It's not official but it's a improvement even it's only 1db. Last time I was metered I hit a 140.2 sealed on the dash with a 38hz tone. This time I hit a 142 sealed on the dash with the same tone and I also was able to do a 141 on music with tones of 33hz,35hz,and37hz
  9. Bloodrises

    What makes a car a groundpounder?

    Yes daily driver that is loud
  10. Bloodrises

    Sound Deadening Tape

    That's not for deadening, its used in SPL mainly to fix imperfections/seal gapsAhhh ok. That was just what he told me
  11. Bloodrises

    What makes a car a groundpounder?

    I agree those people are ass holes and do not deserve to have a system but this thread is not about annoying people or being rude Ira about people who go to comps and have a nice groundpounder that they love to demo with and not piss people off at 3am.
  12. Bloodrises

    What makes a car a groundpounder?

    I do say wrong on that just because my car is loud does not mean I go full tilt in places where it can annoy people. I call people who do that stupid and they give people who don't want to piss people off and don't bad names
  13. Bloodrises

    Sound Deadening Tape

    I met a guy last comp I was at who used aluminum tape for ductwork he said it worked well and was cheap
  14. As the title says. Is it the amount of subs, how much power you have or is it just the ability to impress people with what you can do with what you have.
  15. Bloodrises

    grayta's 2012 Ford Focus Build

    I was going to say PICS and also I can't wait for the show this month to see your numbers