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  1. How does the Xcon sound?

  2. Finished screwing the XCON 12 in the box. Next up is screwing holes for power wire to run through the amp rack.

  3. azlnick

    Help w/ Flush mounting double baffle

    I've learned that through experience now, haha. I'm sure this won't be my last box either. Here's another pic.
  4. azlnick

    Help w/ Flush mounting double baffle

    Ah I get ya now. Wasn't quite grasping the idea, thanks!
  5. azlnick

    Help w/ Flush mounting double baffle

    And just have a weird 3rd front panel? Lol I guess that's an option.
  6. How would I go about flush mounting this? What bit, how to do it, etc. 2.65 cu. ft. box @ 30hz (XCON pre designed enclosure)
  7. azlnick

    A Beginner's Box Build.

    So far this has been a learning experience to say the least. It's been frustrating at times, especially with the AZ heat. I'd like to list some advice/say a few things that I've learned so far. I'll update with more pics later. Think about your space! I've had to measure and visualize my trunk 20x over before I finally agreed on some concrete dimensions. This is how I came to purchase the XCON 12 and fit it in it's optimal enclosure in my trunk. I also have room for 2 amp racks if I need as well. Tools It's been quite an investment for the tools that I had to buy, but it's incredibly worth it. These are my first tools, and they're for a project that I really care about. Here's some of the tools I used: 13 Amp Circular Saw - Great saw, great price. 24" Irwin Clamps - You need these for clamping your pieces together when you glue them together Elmers Wood Glue - It's simple, there might be better options, but they'll all do a great job if you do it RIGHT. More Clamps - Stabilizing pieces for cuts is necessary Skil Router - Such a versatile tool. This was fun for me to use, and it can really clean up your install. This is the cheapest plunge/fixed combo I could find and it works great for projects and hobbyists. Router Bits - They came recommended and work great. I'll be learning more about routing and bit techniques, but for now I only used the flush trim bit. Carpenter's Square - My sword. This was always within reach. It's your master guide. Contractor's Straight Edge - You have no idea how much of a breeze making straight and accurate cuts is with this thing. Makes a great ruler too! Jasper Circle Guide - You can look up youtube videos of people using this. Sawhorses - My "bench legs" 3/4" MDF - My "workbench" Bench Grippers - These were pretty nifty and useful in a number of situations from lifting pieces off of the ground/table, to gripping wood as I was pushing it through the table saw. I felt comfortable using them, and a lot safer. The Build pt. 1 (What's done so far) The fun part! Seriously, this was fun and both challenging. I knew my first cuts would be the most important and that factory edges are a gift from heaven. I was able to borrow a neighbor's table saw, so cutting 45s was easy, but scary as hell. I was using my fingers within 4" of the saw, and I knew that was just asking for trouble, so I had to use scrap pieces of wood to push the cut piece through. A sheet and a half of MDF later, I now have my final pieces! I have some burn marks and uneven edges. Some of my measurements might be off by an 1/8th of an inch. Toofuckinbad. I made some noob mistakes that I really shouldn't have...such as putting the circular saw blade on the wrong direction at first. All I can say is learn from what you've done, and try not to fuck it up even more. I've managed to straighten out/fix some of these imperfections, but I don't feel like it will impact sound quality or performance in anyway once I'm done. The Build pt. 2 (Coming Soon) I'll be gluing the other side panel, then the inside port piece. I am still deciding whether I will put the front or the top on first. Drilling a small hole for speaker wire run, and sealing it up with something. Gluing the two front panels together and cutting the speaker hole. Carpeting the enclosure. Flush Mounting the speaker with T-Nuts. Tuning with the DEH-80PRS.
  8. azlnick

    Kerfing 101

    I plan to do the same thing with my box, I do have a question though; How do you find the diameter for a kerf of a box design? Here's a box design as an example: http://imageshack.us/f/29/25cubes32hz3125sqin0zp.png/
  9. azlnick

    budget amps.

    I'll be using the Nakamichi PA-1500 with my XCON 12 D1 when it gets here.
  10. azlnick

    Shipping times good this month?

    Ordered XCON back in beginning of April, haven't received it yet, so it might be awhile.
  11. Once I get my amp racks and actual sub box tackled, I'll definitely make a false wall for my SSA XCON. I'll have to draw up some template designs that would allow the port to breathe and pick a color of speaker grille cloth. Also have to find someone with all the equipment to do this kind of quality work haha. Great video Mark! I liked your background music.
  12. I have a pair of Audio Technica ATH-A700. They're 53mm Neodymium magnets make some very nice lows, work well with gaming, and make listening to music a joy. They're extremely comfy and can wear them for 4 hours easily.
  13. I'm not quite following... I'm looking to get a single standard sized sheet of MDF with cut lines on it to know the most usable area. I've seen the model in sketchup and all of the measurements but not an actual cut sheet.
  14. Can anyone make one for me? I'm not very good with sketchup or the cutlist plugin.