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  1. BILTD

    What's going on with fi?

    Hey guys. Scott and the guys at Fi are pretty stretched when it comes to getting on the forums these days. Yes I cover all European operations for Fi Car Audio and Ascendant Audio. Doesn't necessarily mean I deal with US domestic sales or after sales. But I help out where I can. @Liro213 the initial rub marks made me wonder if your subsonic filter is set correctly. 2-3Hz below the tuning frequency of your enclosure. Otherwise I would try to slightly pull the lead up where the curve is so the tinsel lead is following the cone more. Sometimes a little push or bend on the solidered tab with the pull can change the posture enough to prevent slap in the future. @Rx7teecolon Build times are usually stated on the site at the time of your order. If there are parts shortage or delays that can extend completion of your order, but not by a huge amount. Couple days or a week usually.
  2. BILTD

    What's going on with fi?

    6 months and no response? My guess is emails simply not reaching there Inbox. Anyone who ordered off the old store will not have there account details transferred to the new store, since they run on different software. @Liro213, your stickers are in the post. Should be be with you momentarily. @bluelaser, if you can resend your e-mail to sales@ficaraudio.com via a different email then that should work. If you guys have no joy holla at me and I'll get Scott on it
  3. BILTD

    What's going on with fi?

    Can you send me your order number and I'll have someone look into it.
  4. BILTD

    What's going on with fi?

    What date did you send e-mails? I know some of the guys were out from Thursday and not back in till tomorrow. Won't be an issue to get a sticker sent out, I'll speak with Scott tomorrow for you.
  5. BILTD


    This doesn't support our international distributors. Customers also recieve no national warranty as a result of grey importing. I.e. you will need to take it back to base should problem arise, where you could have just purchased via local distributor.
  6. BILTD


    Contact Tim Dev the Netherlands Distributor for Fi Car Audio/Ascendant Audio on - info@audio-expression.nl
  7. BILTD


    You have every reason to be dissapointed, its not acceptable so don't feel bad for it. I know little more than most what goes on behind the scenes. There is an incredible amount of demand for Fi products, be it for domestic customers, international distributors or OEM - things in the last 6 months have just been little more than overwhelming. Scott 100% recognises this, he will do everything to keep everyone pleased. However in many cases they are at the mercy of suppliers for parts, while this is at most concern for production it doesn't give reason for not packing a bottle of CA/activator. That's simple as and should be taken care of by another member of staff, IMO there is no excuse for leaving things like that to run on and on. I'm hoping you or anyone else in a rather testing position is able to sit tight in the meantime, if not then it is indeed your right to request a refund. In doing so i'd hope there is no ill feeling. I'm 100% sure things will change in the future, hopefully soon
  8. BILTD

    Navid's 10 15s 159db+ demo loud and low!

    Awesome craftsmanship
  9. BILTD

    i need a recone for a n3 with a sp4 basket

    Resend the e-mail, Shawn is pretty much upto date with e-mails so should respond within a 24/48 hr period. If you have no luck let me know. Thanks!
  10. BILTD

    my New Sp4 reads 2.2ohm With 3 diffeent DMM

    Has there been a change in coils at all. Nope. Which leads me to believe this is one has a fault. A extremely rare one!
  11. BILTD

    my New Sp4 reads 2.2ohm With 3 diffeent DMM

    Shawn should have taken care of you by now.
  12. BILTD

    my New Sp4 reads 2.2ohm With 3 diffeent DMM

    Spoke to Scott details forwarderd over, currently in the middle of getting the CNC back up and running but he'll be in touch later today. Thanks!
  13. BILTD

    my New Sp4 reads 2.2ohm With 3 diffeent DMM

    Scott hasn't been on here for months, simply no time. NO one gets ignored. Thank you. Will follow up later today
  14. BILTD

    my New Sp4 reads 2.2ohm With 3 diffeent DMM

    Of course you shouldn't. You didn't answer my question, but polite as I am i'll ask again. When did you purchase these subs? Do you have an order number so I can get the guys to pull up your order details? Thanks!
  15. BILTD

    my New Sp4 reads 2.2ohm With 3 diffeent DMM

    Something isn't right. D2s will measure 1.4. Not 2.2 Ohms. Did you purchase them altogether or seperately? Thanks!