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  1. Ide like to spend no more than 7-800 on the sub(s).
  2. Not that I can't save for if the outcome would be worth it.
  3. I just wanted to see what you guys thought I should go with between a single 15 and two 12's then I can take time and do the necessary electrical upgrades once I know how much power is needed to properly feed the speakers
  4. My bad OLD FART did not notice your asking. Its a Ford Taurus. Ide have to check on the dimensions, electrical is stock for now and I don't even know what to power it with considering I'm not positive what subs I should get
  5. Ok then thank you. I was thinking either Dave The Box guy PWK Designs or highoutput enclosures for the box design and build but can't decide between the three:((
  6. Lol is that even street legal?
  7. I want only lows. Will the 18 also smash the driver in the car or just more let ppl from a distance know whats up
  8. I don't care about the front stage, what is this "digging" that 15's and 18's are especially capable of??
  9. I do not want to get "loud" I want to play low notes with authority. I want to sound powerfully DEEP and LOW. I like that boomie drawn out pressurized effect that 29-34Hz tends to produce
  10. I'm shooting for "SQL" and really one 18 has more cone area than two 12's am I reading this right?
  11. Tossing up a single 15'' Sundown Zv4 or two 12'' XCON's tuned for lows. I know that the Sundown is built for it but would it be able to offer me the same amount of throw that 24'' of cone area would from two 12's?