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  1. I have been following the V3s for a while & have emailed 2 different emails a few times. Anyone know how to preorder them or when they are coming out? I may end up going with the AB XFLs instead
  2. phresh

    Who still makes enclosures?

    Still waiting on responses
  3. phresh

    Who still makes enclosures?

    Okay. Just email me
  4. phresh

    Who still makes enclosures?

    @PHATBOi submitted one to you also
  5. phresh

    Who still makes enclosures?

    @pro-rabbit Keeps saying error when I try to submit a quote but here's the info 2 SA-15s Slot port Carpet =41w x =22d x MAX24h Subs & port up Atleast 7cuft @ 30hz (preferably 7.5) 45s Double baffle without flush Zip 38111 Ford.vic.king@gmail.com
  6. phresh

    Who still makes enclosures?

    Lol & thanks. I'll look you up now. Trying to get one sometime this week. Where are you located?
  7. Most people who made them have stopped. Who makes the best ones nowadays?
  8. phresh


    Are the 1st 5 spots taken? Need a better box for my 15s ASAP!
  9. Leave it in but split the two wires into one single strand
  10. I have some 10g speaker wire laying around. Could I split it in half & use 3 single strands for it & the remote turn on?
  11. Could anyone draw up a quick sketch for me? Car - Crown Victoria Subs - Obsidian 15s Amp - AP18001D Specs: W = 41" D ~ 21" H < 24" @30hz Daily box but going for SPL Subs up Hopefully someone can help me out
  12. phresh

    Sub Box Tuning

    Those aren't THAT bad, honestly I thought you were going to say much worse. Tune a bit higher and I think you'll be happier. Yea I'm gonna try the 5cuft @ 34hz. My very first subs were an older model & I loved them. The best budget sub
  13. phresh

    Sub Box Tuning

    Thanks for the answers. They are Pioneer TS-W309D4s. For 50 each they perform great lol. They are now in a 5cuft box @ 32hz. Was wondering what they sound like @ 30hz but I guess I had a decent box as is. You think they would perform better in a 4 or 5cuft @ 34hz? The recommended area is 4 but I like a little bigger boxes. I don't care for sq at all plus they're in a big trunk. Only listen to rap & listening to rap highs give me a headache
  14. phresh

    Sub Box Tuning

    I was bored so I went & picked up 2 12s from a flea market this past weekend to experiment with. Made my first box throughout this week & tuned it to 32hz. If I wanted to tune it to 30hz would I add or cut off some wood to the end of the ports behind the subs? I can do the math but need a starting point. Also another separate question, would more port area equal a lower tuning or does it depend on the box?
  15. phresh

    Similar Subs

    Anyone have any db numbers of the 187s or the LI's? Whats the setup, power, tuning, box size, etc? Just to get an idea of the output of the subs.