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  1. where in IL you located???
  2. great batteries!! made by east penn, 2 in my grand prix currently
  3. tc300

    Old vs new xcon

    did my first recone with an ICON... sub is still being used to this day!! kind of been itching upgrading to an xcon tho..... lol
  4. tc300

    IA DP recones?

    i wondered also..........
  5. tc300

    Help w/ZCON 15 enclosure

    i got a ssa icon 15'' 3.7cuft ported to 33hz 2 4'' aero in my grand prix amp is a AT 1200.1 those small grand prix trunk openings are B to work around!! i was able to get lil over 6cuft with 4 10s, 2 separate boxs sharing the same air space after both installed.. much more pleased with the single 15 set up tho
  6. op if you have the electrical id go with the IA20.1 hands down a very GOOD amp you get what you pay for in the car audio world. what are your box specs right now?? i ran an 18'' Q (07ish era that had bp option) on a mmats dhcx2200.1 for over 4 years ported and sealed. zero issues
  7. tc300

    small 2 channel amp

    https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-da30-2-x-15w-class-d-bridgeable-mini-amplifier--300-330 this is what ive been using on a pair of there b652 bookself spekaers for a year now... gottem as an xmas gift last year lol
  8. tc300

    SSA ZCON 12's 1 working 1 broken

    Broken one still up for grabs??
  9. try to keep power wires the same length and shorter than 5'...
  10. tc300

    4 channel amp

    ya thats what i kinda figured you were doin... does the amp get very warm??
  11. tc300

    4 channel amp

    Just curious why you got a four channel powering your sub and not a mono???
  12. i got a grand prix also!! run a ported icon 15
  13. keep the icon!! just make sure a proper box is built for your vehicle.... you wont regret it!
  14. tc300

    FI Q motor 08' ish

    My motor doesn't look anything like that one....