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  1. 94sundance

    SA-8 v.2 Prototype Completed

    My new background on phone
  2. 94sundance

    input needed

    No input from amyone. Just meed to kmow if amyone has a true method of calculation I'll do the math myself. Thanks for any info
  3. 94sundance

    input needed

    the box specs 48w*40d*20h port is in the center 18.5h*14w*22d what would this tune to and is it to much port for this box.goals daily ground pounder. subs 4 15 db drive plt15wd 2500rms
  4. 94sundance

    need expert advice on pvc ports

    anybody have any assistance
  5. so i need the calculations needed to figure out my problem(or the answers) with this build want it to be a true not done on a online cal.(unless one will give true port cal within a 2hz of needed frequency) box 20h*48*40*d using 6in PVC? thanks to all that have any input for me. its 4 15s and want to tune between 30 to 34hz.
  6. 94sundance

    TeamSSA Disclaimer | This will be funny

    Team SSA is not responsible for your jail due INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER due to BLOWNING PEOPLES MINDS. Team SSA is however responsible for causing P.D.S. in all women.P.D.S.(panty dropping syndrome) Team SSA is also responsible for the 3way between its members your girlfriend/wife and her bestfriend. Team SSA will ultimately be the cause of why you quit trying and re think you whole life. PS if of the listed is anything worth being on the Offical list MARK or Denim P.M. for my Great discount on the Xcon Ive Been wanting.hahahaha.....seriously tho let me know.
  7. 94sundance

    I hate thieves

    they got me a few months back still have glass in my door panel thats cause is was a radio in the caliber.broke: window, dash stole:Pioneer radio my first one, Ipod my wifes, and the factory pocket under radio not attached to the radio part of original dash.
  8. 94sundance

    Tattoo thread

    got this one years ago
  9. 94sundance

    Feeler : big aeroports - urgent question

    Here you are the listing on :http://www.harvel.com/tech-specs-pvc-pipe-40.asp P.S. I get a Discount for finding and posting for you....hahahaha Schedule 40 Nom. Pipe Size (in) O.D. Average I.D. 4" * ** 4.500 3.998 5" 5.563 5.016 6" * 6.625 6.031 8" * 8.625 7.942 10" * 10.750 9.976 12" * 12.750 11.889 14" * 14.000 13.073 16" * 16.000 14.940 18" * 18.000 16.809 20" * 20.000 18.743 24" * 24.000 22.544
  10. 94sundance

    Company Car

    its simple find something with horrible road noise and really bad deadening from the factory sample:scion Xb any model then do what yall do best make it like a mercedes on the inside. cause thats what second skin is all about.
  11. 94sundance

    Digital Designs Headphones

    ok done some testing and the turbines are the way to go.... if you got 180 lying around.
  12. 94sundance

    Alton's build log

    everything loooks great love the plexi .maybe some LEDs in the box?
  13. 94sundance

    18" SSD Box Problem

    if you do it right the RE cal can work just have to make it work for you.... or maybe i'm just thinking it works.... hmmmmm... maks me wonder now. Duran use you super powers to test my theory do it on paper and tweak it to proper port area for the vol an see if it works.
  14. are you running an 18v system thats what they made for 14v does like 2300 at 1ohm