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  1. antonmiller

    WTB: IA Death Penalty 15's

    Product I'm looking for: IA Death Penalty 15's, newest style Budget: about 250 ea, idk what they go for used tho.... also have 2 sundown nsv2 12's i could do a trade on... would be cash on your end, but we could work somthign out. Condition: good Time Frame (if applicable): soonish
  2. antonmiller

    St.Joseph, MN Midwest SPL Event

    this Saturday!!!!
  3. antonmiller

    157DB @ Headrest, ZCONs to the dome!

    i like
  4. antonmiller

    Somewhat creative bracing with BTL 18's.

    just my .02$ seeing as this is what weve seen messing with these same subwoofers... seriously tho, skip the window bracing lol not worth it in the long run. lest amount of internal bracing the better. ithis is what mr charles gross told me, internal volume doesnt mean shit. go with no bracing and make each wall multiple layers, loading wall is the most important. has paid off so far
  5. antonmiller

    Somewhat creative bracing with BTL 18's.

    shrink up that port area and give it more box trust me it will be much better go to a 4 x 40 or 3.75 by 40. will give a much more flat response port area is over rated had a no wall set up and we kept shrinking port and enlarging box and it just kept gaining. i think he was down to 140 sq of port and 13 cubes, oh and 2 saz-4500s at .7 each getting about 3000-3500 to each sub. was spectactular. now hes got a wall and the testing seems to be reacting the same. we keep shrinking port area and we keep gaining. keeps a flat response too.
  6. antonmiller

    Somewhat creative bracing with BTL 18's.

    even just a single rib down the center inbetween the subwoofers, like a 3.5 x 2 layer thick peice. plety of strength. from my own experience if you remove that brace it will gain on meter. how big is that box? looks kinda small
  7. antonmiller

    Somewhat creative bracing with BTL 18's.

    i would interlock that baffle adds more glue joints and strength. and i wouldnt creat a pressure trap inside the box with that bracing. i would just use thin threaded rods (3/8 or smaller) thru it all. again just me...
  8. antonmiller

    Team MN Loudest, the JEEP IS BACK, 2 18 btls walled!!!

    ca glue would work, if the positive tinsel lead wouldnt have broke off lol. and we think the coil was damaged as well. but it doesnt matter, never expected a warrenty. just thought i would mention it. so settle down people...
  9. antonmiller

    Team MN Loudest, the JEEP IS BACK, 2 18 btls walled!!!

    You overpowered them, that means no warrenty for u actually we only clamp 5k out of the 2 amps that we use. so 2500 each, yea over powering by 500 watts, its no big deal really, but it was a glue joint failure, plus he bought them like 2 years ago so no warrenty anyways. lol heres a pic of us epoxying it with 5 minut epoxy at the show haha if it would have ripped the spider i wouldnt be so preempted to say it could be covered under warrenty. but it came off clean!
  10. antonmiller

    Team MN Loudest, the JEEP IS BACK, 2 18 btls walled!!!

    one sub the glue joint failed this weekend, popped right off the basket CLEAN... idk why that would happen, but it ripped the tinsels off the possitive and then rocked the coil to make it read at 6 ohms now :/ we need some recones, we are thinking this may be covered under warrenty due to the clenlyness of the break... it was CLEAN off.