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  1. loondizie52

    3.5 in speakers

    and if i did go with comps i would probly go with the Morel tempo's or the maximo's
  2. loondizie52

    3.5 in speakers

    ya i know, im just concerned that with just the tweeter in the dash and woofer in door it wont be enough or sound right
  3. loondizie52

    3.5 in speakers

    let me ask this, rather than putting 3.5 in dash and 6x9 in front doors. im thinking it might be a bit much up front. would i be better off with a good 6.5 component set, with woofer in door and tweeter in dash? the dash tweeter would face straight up towards the windshield
  4. loondizie52

    3.5 in speakers

    it has 3.5's in the dash now but they are the stock speakers. Im trying to get a good overall sound off the stock deck. I dont like super bright speakers that are tinny like infinity's
  5. loondizie52

    3.5 in speakers

    thought about it and would love to but i dont want to hack my dash. im trying to get something that will complement that same sound though.
  6. loondizie52

    3.5 in speakers

    im looking for some 3.5 inch coaxials in dash of a Jeep Commander to complement some morel maximo 6x9's and 6.5's off stock head unit looking for something not too bright, with the right sound to match morels. So far looking at infinity ref, JL tr, JBl GTo and Boston S35s. What would you pick?
  7. loondizie52

    Morel speakers

    Im going to replace the stockers in the womans jeep commander. shes got 6x9's front doors and 3.5 in dash and 6.5 rears. going to do minimum of 6x9's So im pretty set on Morels. im liking the pricing on the Maximos Maximo Any experience or reviews of these or this line up from Morel? or Morel co ax in general All speakers to be run off stock head unit, No amp for the time being maybe one later
  8. loondizie52

    JL tw5 13.5 or SA8

    i would love to get those but i cant find them anywhere and i called a couple dealers and they said that they have never been able to get them. idk how much they cost anyways
  9. loondizie52

    JL tw5 13.5 or SA8

    ya you have a point. i looked intot he si bms but they arent making them anymore with no date of return scheduled. im kinda leaning toward 4 of the RF P3 shallow 12's
  10. loondizie52

    JL tw5 13.5 or SA8

    cool thanks for the ideas guys. i thought about the seat idea, i was trying to figure out if i could just cut flat sticks and bolt them further forward without welding. i really dont want to alter it too much. i was doing some more research and found T3 t600s 10's that are only 5.2 deep
  11. loondizie52

    JL tw5 13.5 or SA8

    Need to go behind backseat of 03 F250 Crew cab. ive got about 5.25 inches of mounting depth. im gonna put either 3 of the tw5's or Fosgate P3 shallows, or at least 4 of the SA8's. which sound will sound fuller and less hollow and weak. im used to always having at least 2-6 12's or multiple 15's or 18's. got a new truck and trying to downsize but get the best and most out of it
  12. loondizie52

    RE XXX comps in 03 F250 Doors

    i could, but i was hoping to know before i pulled the panel you know what i mean haha
  13. does anyone know if they will fit in the front doors using the 6x8 adapters? Depth is going to be the issue. I want good comps bc im not going to be able to have great subs in there. im pretty much decided on those or RF T1's
  14. im starting a new build for the GF's new car, its a 07 Jeep Commander. she wants to keep the stock deck and speakers, so im gonna run a LOC. Now would adding a Line driver help at all, or does the LOC doom me. im not looking to add processors or anything really, she just wants some bass. Setup will be Sundown SA 12 in 2.25 cu ft @ 36 hz and MTX te-601D amp
  15. loondizie52

    01 dodge ram alt

    im looking for a 01 dodge ram HO alt with about 250-280 amps...what is your price for that