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  1. Side not the box was designed by pwkdesigns (hexibase on YouTube) and was professionally built from a local audio shop
  2. I would have taken pictures before disassembling sub had I been asked, the subwoofer dust cap most likely had a small defect which pushed outward. The grill in question had more than. Enough Xmas room, it was stepped off the box with an 1" mdf ring (sub is mounted below flush with front of box. Easily clearing 2" of clearance. Plus my trunk was empty. In any case this has been resolved. And tbh I'll just be happy yo have my sub back. Its by farthe best sub I've ever had.... Xxx, fiq, w7, sx, idmax, etc etc this thing annihilates them all.
  3. As title says, Purchased product - march 30th 2013 (approx) Product received - may 31st 2013 (approx 2 month wait.. no big deal gonna be awesome right) Product self destruct - cone broke outwards 7-20-13 (powered by rf t1500.1, yellow top battery, plenty of breaking, cone broke outward not inward, and had a grill stepped off the box (after my gfs RE SX got a hockey skate through it i will never do a naked install again) Contacted company July 27th to inform them of the issue, simple dust cap replacement, no big deal they promised me to ship it out asap. July 27 -> now 4 separate back and forths, all with promises that it will be shipped out immediately. No tracking number is ever sent. Ive held my tongue for 5 1/2 months, i really dont like talking shit about a company, especially one that produced something i enjoyed so much for a month and a half. But i need to get this back in my car and working again, its unacceptable to have a customer shafted for 5 1/2 months..... At this point i dont know what to do anymore, i hope an admin sees this and can somehow work it out, but im not sure what he will be able to do. Just my experience, i will not give out the name of the person i have been corresponding with (Except to ssa staff). As things may really have been out of his control... regardless of how naive that sounds, i really hope ssa can pull it together and make this right, i truly love the product and fully endorse the sound. But i feel scared and bitter about this interaction with the company itself. thanks.