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    Hello, and to the forum! I think you'll find this one a little more refined, a little less childish, than pretty much any of the others. Facts and truth rule here, not egos and misinformation.
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    Lololol Great trolling. http://m.imgur.com/a/sneoW
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    Yes sir. Gains were set low. Will set it officially on this week when I get back in town.
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    i also enjoy headroom, the problem is with a newbie, head room because " well... ill just turn it up a little more... a little more.. damn thats loud!" then the next week you read a new topic about sub problems..... so while head room may make sense for some of us, limitations are a good thing in some cases, i agree, for daily 3Kis would be damn loud, and sounds great and impress the hell out of you and your friends, i would focus more on in enclouser , more then wattage BTW, i like the fact that you have your electrical back bone in mind...