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  1. still have them Onyx LSX's ?

  2. Fi BTL

    2 Onyx LSX 10's!

    can you do 300 for the pair ?
  3. Got my port figured out here we come box building ! :)

  4. no not yet ive been working on this for hours today :/

  5. this is my first box and right now the hieght is 20 inches by 40 inches wide 20 inches in depth wich comce out to like 9 cubic feet and i want my port to be tuned to like 32 hertz
  6. Fi BTL

    2 Fi BTL N2 port design

    i think i have an account on there if not ill just make one on there
  7. Did you find any answers?

  8. iam having a prob with designing my port for my box can anyone give me some ideas on what to do i already used the speaker boxtunning calc but it didnt really help me
  9. Fi BTL

    port questiom

    say you have ur port is it bad for it to be perfect for ex. a 10"hieght x 10"wide port pleases leave ur opions belowww thank youu
  10. Fi BTL

    2 Fi BTL N2 port design

    so what do u think i should do any ideass i would love themm
  11. Fi BTL

    2 Fi BTL N2 port design

    okay i did this i added 5 inches onto the depth of the box to get 9.69 cubic ft so then i made the port 10 inches by 10 inches and it gives me 12.17 inches sqaured and a new volume of 8.22cubicft does it sounds goood now ?
  12. Fi BTL

    2 Fi BTL N2 port design

    on that speaker box tunning calc its say its already bent
  13. Fi BTL

    2 Fi BTL N2 port design

    what do u mean by bet like fallow the back wall
  14. Fi BTL

    2 Fi BTL N2 port design

    i wanna do a wall port