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    Subs, subs, uhh subs, and more subs..
  1. 30HZ and more Here you go man We all need help once in a while.
  2. Turn the SSF all the way counter clockwise, play a 30HZ note and record voltage, once done. Next, multiple that voltage times the number Stef put down, which was .707 and gradually raise the SSF till you get reasonably close if not exactly on the voltage you got from that calculation. So, say you got 30v out of the amp, multiply by .707 - 30*.707 = 21.21V so, try to match that voltage while rasing the SSF.
  3. manrossdamn

    Replacement sub for Kenwood SW-35HT?

    Tang Bang!
  4. manrossdamn

    A Suburban A Warhorse and a pair of Double Dees

    Nice eye! This is an awesome build! I wanna do something like this one day..
  5. manrossdamn

    infinity 1230w ported box

    What? Learn how to write. He asked goals and max dimensions. Holy fuck, learn some slang dumb ass. No, it isn't illiterate, it's just a different writing style, dur. " :facepalm: to you. And nah shit, he asked about the sub, it's in the title moron.
  6. manrossdamn

    infinity 1230w ported box

    Sub : Infinity 1230w Power : 275W Learn to read bruh.
  7. manrossdamn

    Sundown NeoPro-8 and 10s in stock !

  8. manrossdamn

    Few questions on tuning and building

    There are a few tut's on youtube that show you how to do so, I'll link them up for you later today In class atm.
  9. manrossdamn

    Me Complaining

    haha! happens to the best of us man! but I'm positive you'll enjoy those 15's!
  10. manrossdamn

    Subwoofer Help

    2 SA-8's? You won't need more than 1.8 cubes if at all
  11. manrossdamn

    1986 Nissan 300ZX Non-turbo Alts

    I love it! I understand your techniques completely! I would love performance and quality over quantity! I am eying the 150.. Sounds perfect for all I need! Soon.. Waiting on paychecks so I can repair other misc. items on my car. Can you create a VCM for my car? Or can you show me how make my own? Thanks! reason for the VCM is that, my car idles really low, and I've been trying to fix that, but I believe it is vacuum related and I'm looking at diagrams for it. Sits around, 600RPM at idle, and my voltage sits just above 12 volts, so roughly 12.5 volts? And once I bring it to 1,100RPM, roughly charging at 14.8 or so. Thanks again Sir Rob!
  12. manrossdamn

    What is your top 10 favorite songs to bump with?

    1, 2, 4, and 5 Also, Some of Gorilla Zoe's music, decaf, some random dubstep also, youtube Like a G6 (Clit talk) best slowed remix of that song period
  13. manrossdamn

    fi btl 12

    Look at SDS. Great stuff.