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  1. I've done several different IB setups.  That metal is part of the structure of your car, as is the rear deck.  I would not touch any of that unless you are certain you can add that structure back in.  That being said, that panel is actually a blessing.  IT's more than likely giving you an ideal seal between the trunk and the cabin.  If you have a  rear deck, you can use this to your advantage by building a manifold, or baffle and letting the air from one side of the drivers filter through here, while the other side of the wave just meanders it's way 180 out.


  2. 8 hours ago, dem beats said:

    Do amy of you know of a discount code or have a plug on the gun product?  


    I'm thinking about the G3pro as an accessory to the gentle myofascial work, and probably acupuncture soon. 


    If you're looking for require specs for alternatives;

    Minimum 1 hour run time. The 2 batteries is a huge plus. 

    On the quieter end of the world. Now DIY. Wife put that down and I'm ok with that. 

    Handle must either be so ergonomic that I can easily hit everything no proble.  The g3pro has an articulating head and I think that would be useful. 

    ~60 stall force. 


    I dont care so much about speed and I dont know if I care about xmax :D. The theragun brags that its 16mm. But do I give a fuck?  Unknown. 


    Best I can figure out is to have a vertan friend buy one maybe, or see if I can get a doc to Rx one. 


  3. I just ordered some wall-mount Maggies.  MMGW is the model.  They're dirt cheap at $360 shipped per pair.  If you've never heard any, I would suggest them.  You'll need a sub though and to close up that open part by the stairs.  They're Maggies though, so completely worth it.

  4. 22 hours ago, Notoldjustfeellikeit said:

    different enclosure tuning makes a huge difference but man to recommed an enclosure design that only plays a narrow band of 15hz is unrealistic especially for a driver touted as an sq class driver.  if it cant play from 30-60hz with authority theres little that can be done to make it sound decent,  no 6.5 door speaker no matter how good its installed is going to make up for a subwoofer that plays such a narrow bandwidth.  Im not building a concert hall, to be honest I have way too much bass for an all out SQ system , but thats how I like it.  For now I have it in my smaller ported box and its miles better than the enclosure that SSA recommends as optimum for this sub.  It blends pretty well now from 30hz to 60hz then from 60hz up the door components are taking over.    Im not knocking the sub itself but SSA really needs to update their enclosure recomendations and make it easier to contact them, I tried and sent an email before I built the box but never got a response.  

    Y9u have to realize the enclosure recommendations are not going to necessarily be perfect for every application.  They are simply  playing the numbers.  This enclosure is going to be best suited for the vast majority of users, unfortunately, you don't apply.  You're tuning an enclosure too low for what you want it to do.  There are many factors that come into play.  You could have a cancellation issue, a phase issue, impedance rise, etc. . .   I get what you're saying, but you can't always expect it to be that simple. 

  5. You need to tune higher or go with a sealed enclosure.   You are asking a sub bass driver to handle mid bass duties.  I get the desire for that big kick drum, but the application is incorrect for this driver it appears.

  6. 7 hours ago, big_way32 said:

    I can do that. I may not post but i'm always in the build log thread looking for ideas for my truck. I'm a tall guy with a Dakota looking to see if I can come up with an enclosure where i can keep the baby seat in the back. I enjoy reading the stuff but just don't like when people do stuff like that, acting like their the God of Car Audio. Looking into either some 6.5s or maybe an 8". There are just so much options out there.


    Also, I've been a member since 2013 or so, but i'm just now getting back into it.



    Nobody has acted like a god.  If that's your interpretation of what is going on here, you need to get a better grip on life.  Lighten up, and look at it for what it is.  I understand your feelings got hurt, but had you simply taken the time to read the rules, you could have foregone all this entirely.  Now, this may just be another forum to you, or another place to pawn your goods, but look at it from the perspective that we do.  This place was built with hard work.  IT's provided to us for free provided we play by the rules.  Many of us have been here since the beginning, nearly 20 years, and for someone to come in here just to make a buck is insulting.  This is a home of sorts to most of us who still use forums.  We will play in our house, by our rules and we expect our guests to do so as well.

  7. So, I've been shopping for an RC F.  I can't seem to get any of these damn dealers to move on their prices.  I had three of them that have been holding these cars for months and they won't budge.  I just happened to jump on FB marketplace and a C7 popped up for a song, so I started searching for some, and HOLY SHIT!  SO many good bargains on them.  I think they've hit rock bottom due to the C8.  They can only go up from here I think.  I mean, shit, I can get a low mile C7 for close to under $30K.  That just blows my mind!

  8. 14 hours ago, ///M5 said:

    Ha... I thought you were super opposed to driving your stangs in the snow.  I can't see putting snow tires on a Vette buy a boosted mustang hell ya

    No, just on my gray car.  I would have had to change the suspension and order 19" wheels to clear the brakes, so it wasn't conducive to driving in the winter in any form.  Hell, it was often a chore to drive it on a nice day.  The potholes here are ridiculous, and if something was in the road, I had to dodge it.  Car was too low to get any jack under, and the headers hung even lower.  It was just a bitch.