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  1. You, sir, need to look in the mirror.  You joined a forum just to air a grievance you have with another human being.  This is not Facebook and we are not in high school.  This does not stand around here.  If you want to be childish, do it on another platform.  Thanks.

  2. I have small hands and a small frame so I am good there.  My current carry is a P938 so I doubt I'll have a problem with it.  I just miss shooting my PX4 Storm .40.  I like the Sig, but there's something about the Beretta that I just love.  It's like I can literally feel the smooth action.  I've never had another pistol like it.  The Sig feels a little notchy to me in it's action.  The trigger seems a little light also.

  3. I listed my Mustang up on Facebook last night and it sold in 2 hours.  Dude came over and just handed me a wad of cash.  He didn't care to look at it or test drive it even.  IT was so odd.   

    I am starting to think maybe I have been devaluing my stuff.  I posted it for $3500 and I had a line of 20 people within 10 minutes.  It was nuts.  Nobody tried to haggle with me either. 

  4. I don't even know how to react about any of this.  I'm furious these guys did not get arrested.  I'm furious these people are tearing shit apart.  On the other hand, revolution is often the only way change occurs and unfortunately that ultimately means violence

  5. Tornado number 4 tonight.  Got super lucky.   I watched it develop right over my house.  It moved north down the street before it touched down.  Made it's way East and fucked up a couple buildings and a substation.  I'll be without power for a few days I'm guessing.

  6. I was in this same conundrum not too long ago.  The general consensus I was getting from others was subs up, vents firing to the side.  I am going sealed, so I will have no personal experience, but that is the advice I received from many.

    I've had a handful of single cab trucks and for those I've always done a pair of 10s or 12s in the middle as low as possible.  OF course, those have all been sealed as well. 

  7. Welcome to the forums!  You are on the wrong track however.  Subwoofers are not designed to produce higher frequencies.  The bands you are looking for are actually midbass frequencies.  These are best produced by the midwoofers in your doors.  I'm afraid you could trade subs until the world's end and not be satisfied. 

  8. You basically have two routes.  First would be to just contact a buildhouse and have whatever you want OEM'd for you.  Second would be to learn about acoustics first and foremost.  Get educated, get connected, and your world will blossom.