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  1. EpicenterDesigns

    Video of my crew in action

    Look at ya, all up in the camera. I only read up to page 5, but great work. You need to go to Disney some time and swing out this way and check us out. Or better yet, if we can make it happen, we might offer a haunt tour for Halloween Extreme when it is in Orlando next year. Spookhaven should come down.
  2. EpicenterDesigns

    WTB: Your fiberglass fabrication skills

    Are you in my emails? I pretty much said the same exact thing. Making sure I can give him what he wants if he does choose for me to build.
  3. EpicenterDesigns

    Back Again

    Hello fellow audio enthusiest. How have you been? Just poppin in to say I will be poppin in alot more. Got alot of builds to post up and get some ideas for 2 of my personal rides I am attempting to outfit at the same time. I doubt it will happen like that, but I will try. Soooooooooo, whats new?
  4. Holds 4 10" speakers and 4 supertweeters. Also a slot for a half DIN EQ. It is wrapped in graphite vinyl now, but for some extra I can wrap it in whatever you would like if you need me to. It is not sealed in so it won't work for subs, but that can be fixed. It housed Eminence Delta mids and Selinium tweeters. Asking a mere $200 picked up. I will ship but your paying for it. Any questions don't hesitate to ask.
  5. EpicenterDesigns

    BC 1100.4 PROBLEM FED UP

    Well Travis is getting a new amp.....that way no mistake can be made, no middle problems if something were to happen in a re-boarding process. It will be an A stock brand new amp, that has been on our bench for a few weeks running every speaker setup under the rainbow, currently a single tower running bridged at 2 ohms both channels. Using all HPF combos, and bandpass too,,,,,we replaced the amp with travis' 1100.4 JUST the same way. After about 3 hours of play time, its gotten fairly warm, as it definitely should be running at 1 ohm a channel, and its working as it should. So we've tried to find the problem, multiple times, the only thing we've seen could be a possible cause was a good sized dent on the heatsink as if it was dropped before. Other then that, hopefully the new 1100.4 recieved works as should, otherwise must be an install problem Thanks for the understanding.
  6. EpicenterDesigns

    Best midbass for ft1-se?

    While the specs say the 8" PWX mids play up to 5000hz, is it ideal in all situations? No. Will it do it? Yes. If all you have to work with is a full range signal with a highpass of say 80hz, you can run the PWX8 that way and let it roll off naturally without worry. You can then use our passive high pass crossover on the FT1 supertweeters. It will play fine. Ideally it would be better to have the 8's play from 80 -300 and then have a dedicated midrange speaker play the 300-5k range and then have your tweeters play up from that, but not everyone has that capabilities, budget and/or space. Or maybe even knowledge how to set that up.** So in reguards to the question here...... I will say that the PWX8 will do what you want it to do and you can purchase the supertweeter 12db crossover from us as well. It is not listed on the website currently, so email us at sales@crescendoaudio.com and we will help you out. **This is just an example and not meant as a reference.
  7. EpicenterDesigns

    BC 1100.4 PROBLEM FED UP

    How can you be certain the note went untouched? I have read notes in packages before and returned said notes to package to make sure nothing was missed. Doesn't always mean it was never read. And this is what will happen.
  8. EpicenterDesigns

    Wrong items sent (ohms)

    Sorry about the mix up. If you want to exchange them PM me and we will take care of it.
  9. EpicenterDesigns

    Crescendo 4th of July SALE

    You can save $72.95 off of our C1100.4 4channel Amp from now until July 6th! $347.04 shipped in the USA! To order, visit C1100.4 - Crescendo Audio | Online Store and add to your cart with thei following coupon code: Happy early 4th of July, stay safe!
  10. EpicenterDesigns

    Zombie Apocolypse

    So since I just saw this, it said I would have River Tam (Firefly). She can kick ass. It also said I had John Stewart. Funny guy, but he is the sacrifice should we be cornered. The bringing up the rear.... Darth F'ing Vader. We win. But thats fantasy. Nem is on the real and I would be coming at you from the other side with my zombie army.....
  11. EpicenterDesigns


    Incase you missed it, Mark finished the website and it was launched around 3pm today on the 22nd. Check it out http://www.crescendoaudio.com/
  12. EpicenterDesigns

    SSA welcomes Crescendo Audio to the forum and store.

    Thanks Nic PM me your number and times that are best to get in touch with you please.
  13. EpicenterDesigns

    SSA welcomes Crescendo Audio to the forum and store.

    Because just a few short weeks before SBN someone had the bright idea to build a demo vehicle so noone was right on the phones. Also, Navid is the only one there 80% of the time. When in the back roaming/packing in the warehouse you have almost no chance of making it to the phone before voice mail catches it. We try to return all calls. It is possible some might get overlooked. It isn't intentional.
  14. EpicenterDesigns

    Product Listing?

  15. EpicenterDesigns

    Product Listing?

    I put a strike thru the XST2 on your list. Those are done for. There are some slight pricing changes going on currently so we will post up a price list in the next few days along with availabilities of products. ALL amps are in stock as are the FT1 series tweeters. There are also some MP8 or 10's available, but I do not know how many or what ohm loads off the top of my head.