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  1. DreDay256

    Didn't receive an item, how do i contact Fi

    You can get thr CA Glue at a hobby store for 5 bucks or less.
  2. DreDay256

    bc3500 confused as ever

    At .5 it will do just over 4600w. Like 4625 I believe.
  3. DreDay256

    got my new FI BL15 today!.....with a little problem...

    Basket color wouldn't be an indicator. I have 4 sp4's. 3 have silver baskets, 1 has a black basket. All came directly from Fi.
  4. DreDay256

    Modified Crescendo BC3500d's

    Actually it's central TN. Its east of Nashville. The next good one will be April Fools Fest next Sat 4.14.13.
  5. DreDay256

    Modified Crescendo BC3500d's

    Thanks man. I really appreciate it!
  6. DreDay256

    Crescendo Logic AGM Batteries

    Yep. There's only like 3 actual battery manufacturers.Keep in mind batteries can be OEM'd by the same company to different specifications based on the client.Right but most are the same just different labels.
  7. DreDay256

    what is fi bl subs max power handeling ?

    I'd put 2- 2.5k on each.
  8. DreDay256

    What is going on??

    Try a diff dmm.
  9. DreDay256

    Crescendo Logic AGM Batteries

    Yep. There's only like 3 actual battery manufacturers.
  10. DreDay256

    Crescendo Logic AGM Batteries

    XS posted it on their YouTube ch too.
  11. DreDay256

    Where is my glue???????

    You csn pick up the CA glue & activator at a hobby store. Its like 5 bucks. Just fyi
  12. DreDay256

    SP4 Caught On Fire!!!!

    Lmao.Yea. Sounds like some serious clipping was going on for an extended amount of time. Tensils got too hot & spider caught fire. Just my theory. I have about 3x's the power on 1 of my SP4's & lean on them kinda hard. I've never had one get above lite warm..
  13. DreDay256

    WTF! Why didn't I get the memo?

    Me & SWIFT use our SP4's in the lanes..