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  1. Scarface

    93' Ford Bronco Rebuild

    Got the truck back... After some wallet rape but now back to the front suspension & full tune up. After the wallet rape & time lost don't have the time to finish in time for slam...
  2. Scarface

    Crescendo component sets coming soon.

    Oh well guess I have to go active... Cnf, prv, or nedo mids & tweets
  3. Scarface

    Crescendo component sets coming soon.

    Hate to bring back the old post but I will try this before starting my own.... Is there any info, pics, or specs on the CZv2 6.5" Component set since it is now 2015 & that release date has passed twice? Is there something I'm missing, look for the component sets that was supposed to replace the: CZ 6.5" Mezzo 6.5"
  4. Scarface

    93' Ford Bronco Rebuild

    Back again :-/ NOT the route I wanted to take but getting there slowly just need to get rid of this dark cloud that rapes my wallet every time I started enjoy life... On a positive note, I have a new drive line drone the flywheel back, swapped out the transmission for a different one same style because mines wouldn't stop leaking. Got & rebuilt a 4x4 transfer case since mine was probably DOA after the driveshaft exploded (page or 2 back in the log) because it wasn't act right. Come to find out the inside with Swiss cheese. I'll collect a lot of pictures and put them in one album sooner or later they spread to my Instagram and Facebook. My only goal in life is to finish the front suspension and run power wire to make slam... The spare transmission: https://instagram.com/p/3fiJSVtxFO/ The only thing stopping me now, is paper work, the last of the front suspension rebuild & the fact I don't have my truck: https://instagram.com/p/3d8Hv-txOQ/ BUT AS ALWAY I get screwed: https://instagram.com/p/3Zks8TNxPm/
  5. Scarface

    Pictures of your new equipment

    Just leave this here... Picked up the 3500 Sunday http://instagram.com/p/xfbFQmtxCK/
  6. Scarface

    93' Ford Bronco Rebuild

    Been busy... But back to car audio, Just gotta get some SHCA 2/0, ring terminals, & 2-3 batteries. Just leave this here... http://instagram.com/p/xfbFQmtxCK/
  7. Scarface

    Team IAK shirt order now open!!!! Show your Support&#3

    Yup I got mine... Inbox me if I owe more...
  8. Scarface

    Team IAK shirt order now open!!!! Show your Support&#3

    pm sent… couldn't call or text that number?
  9. Scarface

    FS Crescendo c1600.2/ RF T1692 6 x 9s

    Same here on the amp... Slamology plans just hit the fan.
  10. Scarface

    Team IAK shirt order now open!!!! Show your Support&#3

    First thing in the am... Forgot to send the funds. Dj Scarface 2 @ 4XL Need them shipped... Plans got screwed and wont make slam
  11. Scarface

    Chop"s 86' Cutlass

    000000uch… was you able to get all your stuff & the audio gear out? check you state laws to see how long that can last… cause it to get marked stolen after 3+ owners, a dealer/car lot, & registrations from the state it should've be marked as stolen by all these computers
  12. Scarface

    Chop"s 86' Cutlass

    da hell did i miss? this just turned into my build log...