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  1. Green4Gold

    lets see the king cab builds ,

    He has a 1977 datsun king cab. Plenty of room for 18's of any kind
  2. Green4Gold

    change my seats to black or no.

    just the seats black would look out of place imo but if ya can add some black parts here & there through out the interior i would say it would come together
  3. Green4Gold

    SSA XCON 15 Sticker Came Off

    That was pretty fast
  4. Green4Gold

    Some Amps from the OldSchoolStereo Collection

    lmao i have a power 300 in the closet still works last i checked but its not chrome
  5. Green4Gold

    new phone ideas

    Get away from at&t's TERRIBLE customer service
  6. Green4Gold

    slamology 2012 ?'s

    Hahaha damn keyboards ⇧
  7. Green4Gold

    sundown lincoln

    Nice spool of copper you have there
  8. There are plenty of threads on adding extra batteries,how to wire them,& other details all you have to do is search
  9. Green4Gold

    Closet Flange for PVC Mounting

    If its ABS use ABS glue you can usually find a small can at Lowes & get a small primer as well should hold up fine if none there the local plumbing parts store will have it
  10. Green4Gold

    Closet Flange for PVC Mounting

    Hahahaha all you need is a toilet & water now. Oh wait maybe some reading material as well. Just make sure its a solid PVC flange as the metal & PVC ones or the PVC with the outer ring that spins are not held together by much & could break loose very easy. Just sayn I'm a plumber but nice idea over all
  11. Green4Gold

    SSA's Evil SS Camaro. 4 Evil 15s and 2 DC 7.5ks

    Very nice ill keep watching
  12. Green4Gold

    SSA's Evil SS Camaro. 4 Evil 15s and 2 DC 7.5ks

    Nice build you didn't keep it long though lol
  13. Green4Gold


    In the for sale / wanted section look for saz2500 fellas name is hardrock24 some thing just posted around 10:00 seen it just after looking at yours lol
  14. Green4Gold


    There's a saz2500 on here for 535 or so I think shipped that would suit your electrical situation better
  15. Green4Gold

    W.F. Texas

    Haha nice, well I don't know if I know ya but I'm sure we have crossed paths at the parts stores possibly. & its agreed Burk sucks lol