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    Billy Jack Thread Dumping Thread

    I teach economics to high school students in Florida. They enter the class largely clueless as to how business and markets work. Young people are convinced that every business is making billions of dollars in profits and can drop prices anytime they want. If you lived locally, I'd ask you to come into the classroom and be a guest speaker.
  2. SS Teacher

    Volkswagen three way oem system

    I'm afraid Google is becoming less and less useful. A simple Google search netted me ads from Crutchfield, JBL, Amazon and others. One result was from a VW forum, but it was a "which speaker should I buy" post. I greatly value this forum because there are people willing to offer technical advice and information without trying to sell anything. Sorry Speakerboy, I tried but couldn't find anything.
  3. Zed Audio Mikro IV, it fits perfectly under the seat of my Jeep. It runs cool, has had no noise issue, and worked flawlessly for 2 years now. The only complain is the set screw for the remote is difficult to tighten, I've had a passenger in the back seat knock it loose twice. I need to get off my lazy butt and re-position the amp so it doesn't happen a third time...or stop having passengers in the back seat.
  4. SS Teacher

    Biggest dude on SSA....

    I went from 382 to 260 in a little over a year. The catalyst was when my wife of 20 years walked out on me and I just stopped eating, so not the best start... I began walking, 2 miles everyday and my diet was spot on. Lots of veggies, whole grain cereal, and no junk food. I've had a steady girlfriend for the last 9 months so I'm up to 285 because we dine out once or twice a week and I drink beer those nights. The big challenge will be to find a good balance of happiness, exercise, and diet. Best of luck to you! http://imgur.com/L9DTQJQ
  5. SS Teacher

    Alarm for my Jeep

    My soft top Jeep wrangler has been burglarized 4 times now at my crappy apartment complex. The thieves have never stolen anything valued over $30 but I'm tired of feeling violated. I know there are some shop owners and installers here, what are you guys thinking? All my car audio stuff is bolted/chained down; I'm looking for a very basic alarm with door open sensor and some kind of proximity alarm for when the doors are off so the thug/piece of human filth hears the alarm and runs off without rummaging through my stuff. I have a manual transmission and no power door locks or windows so I'm not interested in paying for anything high end, but I do like quality. I called two local shops I trusted and they quoted me $350-$400.
  6. SS Teacher

    2 10" SSA Xcon build

    "There are two things I have never had since I got "serious" into car audio. A 10" sub, or a decent dual sub setup." I never had a serious 10" before either, so I rectified that this year with a single XCON in a huge ported box. I LOVE it and I'm sure you'll be really impressed.
  7. SS Teacher

    I'm unbearably excited for an Xcon

    I joined in 2012 but didn't get an XCON until this year... and couldn't be happier. It really was worth the wait for me. If you're struggling financially get one 18" and worry about getting another later. When you get a second (and you know you will ) you can sell your enclosure to help recoup some of the money spent on the new box. Just be careful when selecting the impedance of the first sub you buy, you don't want to be running 4 ohm or .5 ohm daily...
  8. SS Teacher

    Forum rep system

    Speakerboy, you;ve always tried to do some crazy shit ...but that's part of the fun of the hobby, AND you actually listen to advice.
  9. SS Teacher

    Mopar or no car

    I had a 3.6 in a Challenger, that Avenger has got to haul ass. PS- much love for the Jeep
  10. SS Teacher

    Hi everyone! First Post

    The SSA store carries 2 lines of prebuilt enclosures, the Khaotik brand are truly exceptional (and priced to match) and their Xtreme brand which have all appearances of being way better than the cheap Wal*Mart/flee market Chinese crap quality. I paid for SSA to design me a ported box for my XCON and couldn't be happier. Welcome to the forum, there are some of the most knowledge car audio gurus in existence here.
  11. SS Teacher

    Jeep Wrangler

    This is my first build log, please lower any expectations of competency... The system- Raxiom (rebadged Rosen unit) HU- got it because it integrate perfectly with the factory media and had NAV. Zed Audio Mikro 4 channel Rockford Fosgate T500 bd JBL Power Series 6 1/2" components in the front front (no speakers go in the doors (I take them off as often as possible)) Bravox 5 1/4" components in the sound bar (custom made mounting ring, CLD tiles to help the flimsy plastic) SSA XCON 10" in a ported box designed by the SSA store and built with the help of my buddy. It's my (and his) first speaker box built.
  12. SS Teacher

    JL 13w7 box for best spl how many cubic feet

    Hahahahahaha! Starting Friday off with a smile!
  13. SS Teacher

    JL 13w7 box for best spl how many cubic feet

    Really? I've had like 3 or 4 bodies in the trunk of my Challenger before
  14. SS Teacher

    JL 13w7 box for best spl how many cubic feet

    Maybe, but Dodge makes some monster trunks. I bought a Challenger over a Camaro or Mustang in part because the trunk was HUGE and the backseat had leg room for the fam.
  15. SS Teacher

    JL 13w7 box for best spl how many cubic feet

    I had the extra money and "wanted to do it right" so when I bought my XCON 10" I paid SSA to design me a ported enclosure because I too wanted more output (despite enjoying sealed boxes the majority of my life (I'm 45 and got my first system at 18)). I was surprised when I got the design and it was almost a cubic foot larger than their optimal guidelines on the website, but I trusted them and it sounds nice, very...very...nice. I told them my max dimensions and desired goal- as smooth a frequency response as possible all the way up to 80 Hz (the HU crossover point). Point I'm making is they modeled it with software and picked the "best" design. Now, my electronic forum friend, go get that software, model it, and let us know what you come up with.
  16. SS Teacher

    JL 13w7 box for best spl how many cubic feet

    A 13W7 on 1200 watts should be very loud unless you're doing something wrong. If I were you I'd lean toward the musical side and go for a flatter response curve. I just hooked my 10" XCON, it's in a large ported box and it's loud enough on 500 watts and sounds GREAT, but "loud" is such a relative term...
  17. SS Teacher

    Jeep Wrangler

    Hooked up the RF T500 bd and.... I'm very happy. I was concerned because the box was the largest box for a single 10" that I've ever seen, but my instructions were a design for a flat a curve as possible up till 80 hz as it can be. I've only listened to a few familiar songs tonight and my first impression is how much authority the XCON has on the deepest of notes. Speaking of notes, this is no one hit wonder, I can hear so much more music than any of the previous systems I've had. (Well, my pair of Cerwin Vega 12"s from 1989 were the best, but that's probably more nostalgia than anything else.)
  18. SS Teacher

    Jeep Wrangler

    It's all done!!!!!
  19. SS Teacher

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Hahahahahaha! I'm glad I'm not the only one. Rich Homie Quan, Drake, Feddy Wap, they all sound like they rode the short bus to school. I'm glad that developmentally challenged people have found a way to be productive members of society though.
  20. SS Teacher

    Jeep Wrangler

    Wired up the Rockford Fosgate T500 db that I got on Offer Up for $120 and she fired right up! Hooked up the XCON free air and played some Tech Master PED and was very happy to see that sexy little cone pumping up and down. The box is bedlined, not great, but should prove fairly durable, the only things left are to permanently mount the amp under the seat, install the speaker terminal cup, mount the XCON, and start jamming.
  21. SS Teacher

    Jeep Wrangler

    Thanks, I never thought of that! I did get the box designed to be down firing and I just sprayed the outside in bedliner. Pics to be posted later.
  22. SS Teacher

    Dodge dash speakers

    I was a big Alpine HU and amp fan, ran it in a lot of vehicles, but that was 20 years ago... Replacing the craptastic Chrysler/Fiat HU was the best first step!
  23. SS Teacher

    Dodge dash speakers

    I had a Dodge Challenger with the same speaker setup, 6X9's in the door and 3 1/2" in the dash. I put a 6 1/2" component set in the doors and kept the 3 1/2"s. THEN I unhooked the 3 1/2's and had a competent shop (long, sad story) install the set CORRECTLY and it sounded way better. Chrysler/Fiat might have the shittiest factory sound systems on earth (seriously, how can they sound that muddy, hollow, AND tinny at the same time!?!?!?), the 6X9"s were crossed over to play the low end and 3 1/2"s handled the rest, it wasn't a bad concept, but the HU was TERRIBLE, and sat radio sounded like AM from the 70s.
  24. SS Teacher

    Jeep Wrangler

    Thanks, bought the design from the SSA store, they provided the cut sheet and great plans. The box is way bigger than I thought for a single 10, but I'm sure they know what they're doing.
  25. SS Teacher

    Jeep Wrangler

    Be patient baby, you'll be running a week or two...