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  1. argenis69

    WTB Alternator

    I'm looking to buy a good quality, good priced High Output Alternator for a 2002 Nissan Maxima SE. I have 2 Kinetik KHC2400 Batteries and around 4,500 RMS in amps. Thank You.
  2. I have a 2002 Nissan Maxima SE, I have 5,000 Rms in amps, and I Need help, Where can I get or order a Good Quality High Output Alternator, and have no more problems? Thank you.
  3. argenis69

    somebody please help

    In my personal opinion, I like the wires the thicker the better.
  4. argenis69

    somebody please help

    Yes, remember that there's a lot of current draw from the amps and if wires or connectors are loose or to small they will heat up very bad and melt.
  5. argenis69

    somebody please help

    By looking at the picture, I believe those wires where some what loose, and that creates way more heat on the wires.
  6. argenis69

    somebody please help

    I recommend disconnecting your batteries, meanwhile, to avoid any shorts or fire.
  7. I have a question about my car or alternator. I have a permanent volt meter inside my car monitoring my electric status due to my audio install, I've noticed that when I'm on the highway at high speed or when at high idle, normally above 2,000 rpm, the voltage drops, below 12.6v and the battery and brake lights start to blink on and off on the dashboard, even with my radio and complete system off. What is happening? Thanks.
  8. argenis69

    somebody please help

    Wow, be careful, pictures will help.
  9. argenis69

    Line Driver

    Sure, I'll check on the results.Thanks.
  10. argenis69

    Line Driver

    Thanks guys.
  11. argenis69

    Line Driver

    Hi SSA, 1- I want to know what's a line driver specifically for? 2- Also is it worth having? 3- I've heard that the higher the voltage the better, but I don't really know what is meant by that. Please explain. 4- I have an Audiocontrol Eql concert series, does this have a line driver? My hu is a Jvc KD-R730BT. Thank you.