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Status Updates posted by Aaron Clinton

  1. Fired off news letter to the SSA Family.

  2. Massive Audio now available at SSA!!!

  3. Really liking the little bump in traffic lately. :)

  4. Evils are almost here.

  5. Got the spam quick

  6. Another newsletter heading out , this time about the YardSale.

  7. Sending out another newsletter for the sale.

  8. Very happy with the reviews so far on the SSA Demons. :)

  9. SSA Demons have finally arrived!!!

  10. Sending out newsletter on the Valentines Day sale

  11. Sent out a quickie newsletter.  Doing my best to keep them rolling out fairly often.

  12. Added Adire Audio's official online forum section.

  13. SSA Hellion is out!!!

  14. Thanks to our Veterans today.

  15. Loads of news for SSA, a total store rebuild and a big link to the forum to help drive more traffic this way.

  16. SSA 4th of July Sale is going on a little longer.

  17. Monster explanation in the Gcon replacement topic.  Good news.

  18. Happy New Year #SSAFamily

  19. Just sent out a newsletter to 22k members or so.

    1. Notorious97200


      I did not receive anything.

      I'm waiting.


  20. Manually verified a ton of accounts.

  21. Fixing the forum bugs.

    1. jcarter1885


      Yes i see improvements so far. I see sig's again but cant see how to change them.

    2. Aaron Clinton

      Aaron Clinton

      Should be able to change it from the drop down at the top left at your user name.

  22. Really liking the new forum software.

    1. Mark LaFountain

      Mark LaFountain

      ahh, yup.  it's awesome.

  23. And another sub failure due to the DD-1.

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    2. Notorious97200


      On another forum, they sware it's the only tool needed to tune everything right !

    3. Aaron Clinton

      Aaron Clinton

      That forum must only listen to test tones.

  24. US Acoustics has returned and SSA is an authorized dealer with some in stock.

    1. jcarter1885


      Sweet, the Mike amp looks to be right up my alley.

    2. altoncustomtech


      Awesome! Hope the new stuff is the same quality as the old.