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  1. Is the Acer tablet any good 119$ at best buy supposedly
  2. Something around 8+ inches if possible... How can I stream videos/ have internet access at college without going through there Wi-Fi that only works in specific locations on campus.
  3. Where can I buy a 40$ 5 year old tablet lol?
  4. Also would like to take it to school but don't know how I would be able to stream videos there, but I'm sure there's a way too.
  5. Any good/descent tablets in the 200-300$ range, or am I off my rocker...will probably mainly be used streaming videos, and apps.
  6. What's everyone, the hop is dead today.... Where's Mike been??? I'm at work ( ̄- ̄)
  7. Sounds very expensive.kind of, Im going to build it piece by piece starting with a billet lower receiver.
  8. want to build a rifle thinking of 450 bushmaster or 458 socom, any opinions, pros and cons... just want a badass rifle, possible hunting and.just shooting at the range.
  9. where in the hell have you been hiding???
  10. The post is over a year old
  11. damn, wish I had the funds the sp4's would slam in my s10
  12. Hey Mike, Remember how I have posted Tig welds in the past and you said they were "pulsed" it just now dawned on me what you were talking about, I did not have the Pulse button on when welding 99.9% of my beads Ive only ran 2 beads in pulse to check it out... So letting you know they were not pulsed lol.
  13. HBD!!!!
  14. BBQ'ing awwww yeah
  15. whats going down everyone?