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  1. Bee Jizzle2011

    Built Nightshade v.3 15"

    I need 2 of those Jacob.....
  2. Bee Jizzle2011

    Db Drag Trunk class

    sure don't. guess its a way to keep cost down for basic compeitors. wish they do come out with a hardcore trunk class or pro class. other spl org. shows are too far to travel to from Maryland.
  3. Bee Jizzle2011

    Db Drag Trunk class

    You are right, just seems to me that competitors should be able to use as much product that will fit in the trunk. Or have no power limits in the class. I think I would go with the 3500d and just hope my box design will give me the numbers i'm looking for, and the amp output stay under 4k
  4. Bee Jizzle2011

    Db Drag Trunk class

    Hey guys, I will be entering Db Drag trunk class this up coming season. Im running into a problem and was looking for advice. In trunk class I will be limited to only two batteries total, 15 volts total and 4k of power total that will be clamped at time of burp. Which sundown amp will be the best fit for me? also I plan on using either 2 nsv3 18's or 4 nsv3 12's at .5 ohms.
  5. Bee Jizzle2011

    How did you guys find SSA???

    I learned about the forum from seeing sundown audio in action in db drag events.
  6. Bee Jizzle2011

    165+ dB Testing @ Sundown

    sounds like I will opt for the yellow spiders since I can only run 4k total rms in trunk class
  7. I'll be there, too bad I can't compete. Just brought my trunk car. have to build.
  8. Bee Jizzle2011

    165+ dB Testing @ Sundown

    great job!!!!! keep up the good work, team sundown
  9. Bee Jizzle2011

    Nightshade v.3 Information

    Any word on power handling?