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  1. Z71FarmTag

    Car Audio Shop

    I really appreciate all the input here, but I'm looking for a shop/s in Dallas that carry brands outside the norm.
  2. Z71FarmTag

    Car Audio Shop

    After the way I felt this morning, I may do that. She wants me to go to the spa with her pretty regularly, but the thought of it is weird.
  3. Z71FarmTag

    setup for Nissan Altima coupe

    Any update???
  4. Z71FarmTag

    Car Audio Shop

    Just anywhere in the Dallas area. I'll have a few hours to kill one day while my wife is at the spa. I'm just wanting to go see what some of the shops carry, listen to different stuff, and talk. Then, yes I would order it online if I feel so compelled.
  5. Z71FarmTag

    Car Audio Shop

    I will be down in Dallas, Tx in a couple of weeks. Are there any shops some of you from the Dallas area would suggest? Looking at subs, amps, and speakers.
  6. Z71FarmTag

    Upgrade factory speakers

    Also, yes. I understand what you are saying about the install.
  7. Z71FarmTag

    Upgrade factory speakers

    That's an interesting setup. Well, thanks for the info. I guess over the next several weeks I'll hit up audio shops, and listen to as many different brands as possible. Find the likes and dislikes. Then go from there.
  8. Z71FarmTag

    Upgrade factory speakers

    You want to know why I threw focal in the mix. I have gone to an audio shop in the past and listened to several different speaker setups in their demo room without knowing what brand I was hearing. I preferred the focals in the end, however it was a different size. As far as incriminator goes, there are no dealers where I live, the nearest one is just over 90 miles away. There is also, possibly, one dealer for crescendo where I live, and going to find out today if time allows. Given my geographical region, and yes it is a larger city, even have an NBA team, they are still behind when it comes to car audio. We still live with the "mainstream" audio products (rockford fosgate, kicker, jbl, jl, alpine, pioneer). So, I'm really limited on listening to different brands that I hear so much about. And, I'm not going to waste money on buying stuff on-line, installing it, listening to it, and then re-selling it if I dont like it. Just out of curiosity, what is in your Escalade (brand, size, location)?
  9. Z71FarmTag

    Upgrade factory speakers

    Ok. I described what I listen to....everything. Needs would be something I can play louder without distortion. Likes, would be more base, with clarity. I want to be able to distinguish the difference in base and drums, not just muddled sound. Desires, just so I can say I upgraded them. I'm looking for that live band sound, or as close to that as possible within my budget.
  10. Z71FarmTag

    Upgrade factory speakers

    You told me to take it to a thread, so I did. I was pretty specific as to what I'm looking for and doing. I didn't just arbitrarily pick out speakers....these are what I'm considering. What im looking for is input. Are they good, bad, suck, what? Anyone used them in a car if so, how did they sound? Thank you for telling me adding the dpx's to the rear door is a bad idea. So, should I just not put anything in the rear doors, and unhook the factory's? What other info do u need?
  11. Z71FarmTag

    Upgrade factory speakers

    I recently got a 2015 Altima 4d, and would like to upgrade the factory speakers. I'm not so much concerned with changing the HU (has b/u camera and steering wheel controls), unless it is absolutely necessary. I'm also not concerned with adding a sub, atleast not yet, but is a possibility in the future. As far as speakers go, I'm looking at going to 6.5's and adding a pair of tweeters. It currently has 4 door speakers, a pair of 6x9's in the deck, and a pair of 3.5's in the dash. My thought is to ditch the 6x9's (or just unhook), replace the 3.5's in the dash with some tweets, and replace the front door speakers (possibly all 4 door speakers). I do plan on running the speakers on an amp, just not sure which one yet. If it is needed I will do door baffles, and some sound deadening. I listen to all kinds of music, literally, it depends on my mood. I enjoy the hit of bass, but also crisp. I want a clean, clear, sound, or as good as I can afford. My budget can be anything under $800, that is flexible if necessary, but would like to keep it around that number. If I do replace all four door speakers. I would consider adding the Incriminator audio DPX-6 in the rear doors, or would this make it sound like crap? Current thoughts on component upgrades: Incriminator Audio I series 6.5 components Crescendo Mezzo series 6.5 2-way Focal Auditor 165S2 Amps choices Crescendo Symphony S800.4 (possibly to much power) Incriminator Audio IA6.4 (definately put me over budget) US Acoustics-Barbara Ann (good price and good power)
  12. Z71FarmTag

    Box Builder (Oklahoma)

    I've sent text messages, and facebook messages. Haven't had any luck. I'm sure he stays pretty busy with school, internship, and everyday life. If you get in contact with him let me know. I'm just hesitant to call him, due to his schedule.
  13. Z71FarmTag

    Box Builder (Oklahoma)

    You may read the second sentence in my original post.
  14. Z71FarmTag

    Box Builder (Oklahoma)

    I'm looking for a box builder near Oklahoma City, or anywhere in this state! I've attempted to contact McGovney Designs several times, but haven't heard back from him. So, are there any Oklahomans on here that can point me in the right direction for a good builder. Thanks
  15. Z71FarmTag

    Enclosure Pricing

    I sent you a pm. I'm sure your busy, but send me your contact info when you get a chance. I would like to meet up and pick your brain a bit.