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    adding HP to my car, home theater, so naturally car audio is a perfect fit.
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  1. I installed a audiopipe 1500 to power a sundown x10 in a ported box. jl audio componants in the front doors jl coaxials in the rear deck running on a jl700/5 the 2012 mustang gt factory hu and lastly the pain in my back is a audiocontrol dq 61. I mounted everything on a wall behind the rear seats just in the trunk. I 2 separate stinger 1/0 for power as well as grounds. My signal is also stinger 9 conductor w/ 2 350amp fuses. the 5th channel on the 700/5 is waiting on jl8w3 mounted in the front doors. I hope there is something my eyes are not catching because the insides sound like tin cans. when I am able to improve the sound I cant turn them up beyond 25% without clipping. I had the factory shaker 500 which is factory amps 50w to power the factory 8" subs in th4 front doors. they are DVC so I pulled the low signal to use for my dx10. No issues with the 10" in the trunk. the front doors also have 5x7 with center tweets. I am pretty sure the signal is all highs since that is the reproduction when used as the main signal in to the DQ61. So im summing the front and rear 2 channels and after entire weekends and evenings twieking it I still have yet to find the sweet spot of even tolerable to play loud. My goal is loud and clear. I mostly listen to rock, alternative so I gotta get this straightened out. Lastly Im stubborn about completing this on my own but finally took it to car toys, which have yet to disappoint me. Paid 85 bucks for an hour of an installers time and he gave up as well. are the DQ61s audiocontrols stepchild or is it me.
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    Introductions & brief background

    I have some updates that have changed my views. First, I would like to state that im no longer only satisfied with the sub. What I have learned is all of the issues were details I have since identified. My factory signals are divided by the 3 common frequencies. I summed the signals using the audio control DQ 61. Still the sound was unbearably high, almost leaving a metallic taste in the air high. When I used the factory sub signal from fact. amp as the main input on the DQ 61 I finally heard the speakers closer to there design intention and confirm the decision wasn't wrong. I still cannot seem to find the sweet spot though meaning as unbearably loud distortion free music. If the sound works the volume is not. I think my problem is properly setting the DQ 61. when I feel im close the next track will reset any confidence gained. Perhaps my expectations are too high for my price point. Thanks for responding btw. to answer your question, No, I haven't made any other adjustments other then the equipment. I bought two large dynamat packages to cover every surface I can get to with reasonable effort. I'm not familiar with baffles but im open to all options to better the sound. I was just stopping to see what is out there and a sharp salesman was ringing me up. I regret not doing my homework I don't think I would have selected the 4 in cab speakers. If there isn't already a similar thread I will begin one fi its permitted. im working on the long posts. Daviddto- Thanks fo the reply. I'm in Pearland and work in west Houston. BW -8 & Katy frwy
  3. I would like to introduce myself, I'm Nick from Houston. First, thanks for making an incredible place for someone like myself to learn and discuss audio. I found sundown and that's what led me here. I'm a DIY person but don't have quite as much knowledge as I should and would like to educate myself with the goal of reducing my mistakes. Car audio has changed quite a bit. My last system was 2 used 12's and amp installed in a 91 eagle talon back in high school. Oh, I also had tweeter stuck to the pillars completing my "system". So, Id like to eventually build a complete system that is loud as hell, but done the right way. So far I have 1 sundown x-10 in a 1.3cuft ported box. audio pipe 1500w mono amp. JL audio c2 components in the front doors JL c2coaxial in rear deck powered by JL 700/5 with a audio control DQ-61. 2 Stinger 4/o powers & Grounds for ea. amp. I installed it all myself with lots of trial and error. The only aspect im happy with is the SUB, even with the150.00 amp. Sorry for the long intro. I look forward to all the great advice and I am anxious to learn from everyone willing to offer some advice.