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  1. Subs are SOLD locally.
  2. $850 shipped! Honestly I was expecting these to go quicker, no interest yet.
  3. Bump! All packaged and ready to go. $875 shipped to your door!
  4. Looks sick! Back seats; don't need em. Reminds me of my 98 K1500. If more than one person was riding with me, they were sittin bitch on the center console. Bass is more important than people haha.
  5. Burke

    Fi BL 12v3 Enclosure help

    Just realized this was posted in January. How'd it go, OP? Any updates?
  6. Burke

    Aero port idea

    Any updates? What'd you decide to go with?
  7. Burke

    How did you guys find SSA???

    Came across it one day before they were really in the sub game. Easily the best forum around!
  8. Burke

    Fi BL 12v3 Enclosure help

    It sounds like you've already pretty much got an idea of what you need. What exactly is it that you're wanting to know? What are your goals with the build? Congrats on the purchase, Fi makes great stuff.
  9. Burke

    Aero port idea

    Another plus to using aeros is the tunability. When you make a standard slot ported box, you're pretty much stuck with those specs, but with aeros you can change it around until you get it where you want it.
  10. 1. Product: 2 Fi SP4 18s with Carbon Fiber Dust Caps 2. Specs: Both are dual 1 ohm (0.7 ohm) 3. Description/Condition: Ran them for a little under a year on low power (Audioque 2200). Magnets have some scratches but the surrounds, baskets, spiders, and coils are in excellent condition. Does not include the original gaskets. A couple of the pictures are next to a 10" Kicker "Competition" (lol) for size comparison. I threw out the original boxes some time ago, but Fi was nice enough to send me two brand new boxes to ship them in. So these will ship in original Fi packaging. 7/10 Cosmetically 10/10 Mechanically 4. Price: Asking $900 SHIPPED OBO for the pair. Because they are dual 1 ohm, I would like to keep them as a pair. NO TRADES, just trying to get rid of all my stuff. I'm located in Huntsville, AL 35810. Would be willing to drive to meet someone within reason. 5. Pictures:
  11. Long story short, my system has been under construction for quite some time. I decided to throw some speakers in the doors via the factory speaker wires just to have something to listen to, but there was no sound. My first thought was a short somewhere in the wires, so I wired one speaker directly to the HU's harness (literally at the back of the HU, not through harness adapter) and it still produced absolutely nothing. I played around with the settings and couldn't find anything that could cause this. Am I missing something stupid, or is this HU fried?
  12. Appreciate all the help guys.
  13. 6" aero ports Yup.
  14. I forgot to mention that I'd like a bit of room for the amps between the seat and the box. This 7K has fans on the bottom, so I need to figure out a way to elevate it from a flat surface.