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  1. Touchscreen HU

    By simple I suppose I meant if there was more broad ways of adjustments for at first..I guess I don't truly know how to type what I mean, but yes live adjustments would definitely save me!
  2. Touchscreen HU

    True just curious if there was an option that melded the two.
  3. Touchscreen HU

    A hack with a plan comes out with greater results than most. Einstein thought himself something like a hack!
  4. Touchscreen HU

    Well, I would want to be able to have a simple setup. For the first build at least. Something to dive into the world of control audio wise a decent amount of eq control, as well as crossover control. Something that I can mess with but would be easier to fix if I mess up (best way to learn) the ability to play CD's and high quality files, as well with a tuner option. Decent sized screen would be nice, for aesthetic purpose (have to like looking at in the end!) Hopefully dash placement being option. I hope I covered the majority of there's an area I missed let me know. Price wise my theory is I don't mind saving to do it right and high quality
  5. Touchscreen HU

    You are a master I admit it, how would you recommend getting started on running something like this? Is there something that really helped you?
  6. Just curious if anyone knows of a double din touchscreen hu that could keep up with something such as the 80prs audio control wise. I like to use cds and usbdrives, so extra points for those additionally.
  7. Happy Birthday Aaron!

    Happy birthday my friend!
  8. Limited Box Design?

    That's okay thank you for the reply.
  9. Second Battery 101

    Thank you very much!
  10. Limited Box Design?

    Sorry one was a screenshot, only finished version I could find.
  11. Limited Box Design?

  12. Second Battery 101

    Thanks as always man! One more question...a battery such as an xs, would I have to get some sort of box to surround it, and also how do you secure yours in place?
  13. Second Battery 101

    The only reason I'm asking is because I can't fit that large of a battery underhood and no skills to make something to help, so I just wanted to put a little bit larger of a battery in the back! Thank you for the help!
  14. Second Battery 101

    More of just hearing a reputation. I know about batteries, just not necessarily the how to's etc. But thank you I'll try that!
  15. I feel like this question has been asked, but I did scour the web and went 30 pages into this forum looking for advice. But I still have questions! When installing a second battery, some say get the same as what's under your hood, but some say it doesn't matter. Opinions? How do you suggest securing it in a trunk? For a battery such as an xs, do I need to put it in some sort of case? If the batteries are wired in parallel, do I need to hook up my speakers and sub to the second or can I just leave them on the front and the rear battery will flow through it? These are just a few examples of questions because I am completely blind and when it comes to power supply I really do not want anything not done right, but any input small or large would be appreciated!