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  1. TX98Z28

    Hello All, Thank You Administrators

    Don’t know why you’re quoting me from over 3 years ago to state something that has nothing to do with what you quoted.
  2. Just seen this, was wondering what the hell happened with the Subwoofers. Very unprofessional for y'alls OEM to do that to y'all...just no class. I personally will never buy any product from this OEM (If it is indeed FI) after hearing this.
  3. TX98Z28

    Estimate of cost for sound deadening top of trunk?

    If it doesn't rattle or bother you in any way then don't deaden it but down the road and more power it could rattle. Me personally I'd add a couple tiles while its all ripped up. Do you need it? Probably not but can't hurt. I'm talking a couple tiles on the bottom not the whole thing.
  4. TX98Z28

    Estimate of cost for sound deadening top of trunk?

    Thanks man for the tips, I can now add to cart off OSX but concerned to order 80+ CLD tiles and a bunch of MLV etc. when I can't even get an email back or any contact from SDS... Don is the owner of SDS I believe. I'd personally deaden the trunk base, only gonna take a couple tiles and done, forget about it, thats just me though.
  5. TX98Z28

    Estimate of cost for sound deadening top of trunk?

    Were you able to order from SDS? I'm trying to do the same but either I can't navigate their website or the site isn't working properly. Hope its working for you.
  6. TX98Z28

    Estimate of cost for sound deadening top of trunk?

    I'm not sure if SDS is in business...? Emailed them twice, no reply, can't add products on their website to cart, and even sent a PM to rudeboy on here 2 days ago again zero reply. If anyone knows whats going on with SDS please let me know. I was planning to have them help me come up with a complete package for my Camaro. Thanks
  7. TX98Z28

    All new XCON, ZCON, & EVIL.

    Thanks Mark, Aaron, Sounds like a winner to me, and I didn't think the Xcon could get any better
  8. TX98Z28

    All new XCON, ZCON, & EVIL.

    I have been off the forum for a while, but curious as to how the new Xcon 12" compares to the Xcon 12" version before it, is there any change in overall sound production? Is there an audible difference in both subwoofers, or do they both sound exactly the same, just the new version has the changes described above? I know sound is not perceived the same person to person so curious. Curious your thoughts Mark? Appreciate it man, Harrison
  9. Well it won't let me upload any more photos from the iphone so guess those will do. Weird that it lets me upload more off the MacBook.
  10. Thank you gentlemen for the kind words and condolences. She's in a better place now. I finally found time to take pictures of the drivers. I'm very happy with the build quality of the excels and illuminators. The tweeters are much smaller than I thought they would be which is a good thing. I am very anxious to get these installed along with the other hundreds of parts... Other things have to come first though, fixing the broke down beater truck first priority right now.
  11. I was going to say if you did then something strange is going on here… Sounds like you got some serious projects going on, my money would be going mostly into the house projects, I would image thats where you and your family spend most of y'alls time. Having the speaker closet is a major plus, all quality stuff I am sure of that. I haven't been on for a while my Grandmother died unexpected, got the flu in the nursing home and she couldn't recover from it. We lost her 1/14/17. My Grandpa and dad are taking it pretty hard, her and my grandfather were married over 60 years. On a positive note I did get the Excels and Scan D3004/6020 in two Saturdays ago. They all look extremely nice quality wise, the tweeter were much smaller than I expected which is a good thing. I post some pictures up when I have time here.
  12. TX98Z28

    Biggest dude on SSA....

    I only buy quality products, I don't buy junk shit full of fillers either. As far as TrueNutrition I've never heard of them. I might have ordered from them before though before the ban, honestly can't remember. I went wild and stocked up on about 10 different compounds. I'll give the site a look, If they have everything I need I'll place an order. I've been with Bodybuilding.com for so long like 10 years or so they hook me up 10% off each order, but I'll be honest they have gone down hill a little and prices did go up some. Honestly I feel bad for the people who still shop at GNC biggest rip off store in the US. LOL
  13. I wish I had the stocks to show you pictures of they were rusted to shit also. Seems ares failed for different reasons. I'm shocked to see you running JL… but I'm guessing this is on a boat being outside for 6 months of the year.
  14. You should be fine my Camaros drain holes were plugged so that more than likely contributed to the cones deteriorating and tearing on the stock speakers.
  15. I should be fine hopefully, the inside of my Camaro doors have 3 drain holes in them to drain water that gets in there. Sense it's a 1998 model over time dirt and grime, small rocks even broken glass (previous owner) had gotten in there and clogged the holes in one door resulting in water just sitting in there draining/evaporating very very slowly. My stock speakers cones were not coated and they did deteriorate evenly ripping the cones. Go news is for planned rainy days i will more than likely drive the beater truck. 500+rwhp with 3.89's and NO traction control isn't the safest to drive in the rain. I cannot wait for these drivers to come in will post up pictures when there here this Saturday. I am super excited about the Excels and the D3004/6020!